Guest Blogger: Yvette Price of YvyVernis – Nativity Scene Nail Art

Wassup!!! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted but the reality is, it’s only been 4 days. I promise you that I have over here working hard on swatches for upcoming collections and releases and I’ll have a full lineup starting next week. I’ve also been working hard on some upcoming updates and changes for the Queendom going live in 2018. So no need to fret, sometimes silence is a good thing….lol

Until then, I have a new friend I’d like to welcome to the Queendom, Yvette Price of YvyVernis. Yvette so graciously accepted the call to be a guest blogger for me today and in the spirit of the Christmas holiday, she has prepared an amazing tutorial for a timeless scene known and loved around to the world.

So stay seated and prepare to be blown away!

Enjoy…. Continue reading “Guest Blogger: Yvette Price of YvyVernis – Nativity Scene Nail Art”