Swatch & Review: Lemming Lacquer – You Are What You Worship (YAWYW) pt 1


Ok, today I’m back with part 1 of the You Are What You Worship (YAWAYW) Collection from Lemming Lacquer. If you recall, I featured part 2 earlier in the week? If not, no worries, take a sec to go check it out, I know there are a few goodies that you won’t want to miss. But before I show you part 1 which is currently available, I thought it only appropriate to take a second now to find out a bit about the brand and its maker.

Lemming Lacquer is a labor of love started and created by Cassie Border which began with researching and testing in 2013.  All polishes are custom-blended, handmade in small batches, and hand poured. Cassie also personally designed the labels and is responsible for wrapping and shipping orders.  You can rest easy knowing that Lemming Lacquer is a 5-free and cruelty free brand.

Creativity is pulled from various media outlets such as television, movies, books, music, as well as conversations with friends, and whatever else strikes. YAWYW Collection is inspired by the gods and beings introduced in the first season of American Gods. Inside is a rich world of ancient myth and folklore at war with technology, modern media and globalization against the backdrop of America’s byways.

In my research to find out about the brand, I asked myself, “why the name Lemming Lacquer?” In the polish world, a lemming is a nail polish or other item you highly desire.  It’s a must have. It can be used as a noun or a verb: “That is my #1 lemming!” or “I’m really lemming that polish.” But I bet you didn’t know that a lemming, according to is also “any of various small, mouselike rodents.” Which, if I had to guess, is the inspiration behind the brands label. Cool, huh?

  Welp, let’s turn this over to the swatches!!

Enjoy!**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, QDTC and Onward Through the Fog Matte Topcoat by Vapid (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Today Is My Day

A neutral beige crelly with gold, white and bronze shimmer and scattered holo.  Inspired by Mr. Wednesday. $12

Angry Gets Shit Done

A deep purple jelly with red and green shimmer and sparks of scattered holo.  Inspired by Mr. Nancy. $12

The Sheer Unholy Delight of It

A swampy green jelly with emerald green shimmer and gold metallic flakes.  Inspired by Mad Sweeney. $13

Lived My Life Good and Bad

A red-violet jelly with warm pink metallic shimmer and scattered sparks of pink/purple microflakes.  Inspired by Laura Moon. $11

I Do Not Grant Wishes

A black jelly with fiery orange shimmer and various shades of gold, orange, red and copper flakes. Inspired by the Jinn. $13

To Give A Good Death Is Art

A blood red jelly with antiqued silver shimmer and red shimmer. Inspired by Czernobog. $11

Ostara of the Dawn

A purple/blue/green/gold color-shifting iridescent flakes and pink/purple/gold color-shifting shimmer in a clear base. Inspired by Ostara. $13

Overall Thoughts – Lemming Lacquer – You Are What You Worship (YAWYW) pt 1

Formula / Application: impeccable formula. No issues to report. Please note, Ostara of the Dawn is shown over 1 coat of black crème base.

Opacity: 2 coats

Price: as stated above or $85/set

Availability: Current

Queen’s Top Pick: There’s something about Lived My Life Good and Bad that is super sexy and vampy and I love it!

Lemming Lacquer

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