Swatch & Review: Lemming Lacquer – You Are What You Worship (YAWYW) pt 2


Hey y’all! So I took a few days off from blogging to get my entire life together. With the holidays right around the corner and still getting the house organized and kids, I hardly have 5 mins to do my nails. But nevertheless, I am a firm believer in taking care of oneself and how I relax and unwind is with nail polish.

I’m doing things a little bit backward today in that I featuring part 2 of the You Are What You Worship (YAWYW) from Lemming Lacquer before part 1. But patience my little grasshopper, I’ll have part 1 on Thursday, so be sure to check back then!

You may be asking yourself why did I do it this way? Well, I’ll tell ya! part 1 is currently available and if you’re interested you can find swatches in the shop or IG or FB, I wanted to get you part 2 so you had enough time to get your shopping list all squared away before the big day… December 15th!


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