The Queen’s Critique: Lina Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hey y’all! Everyone knows that the only way to celebrate the holiday season is with a fresh, unique, festive, creative mani, right?! Just me? Ok, well just go with it.

Because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, nail art stamping has become a way of life and nail art for me. There is a bountiful supply of brands and images to choose from but one brand that stands out for me is Line Nail Art Supplies.

Located in my ideal and dream vacation spot, New Orleans, LA, Lina ships worldwide and is offered via host of stockists. To date I have been able to acquire all the plates offered from this brand. Some I have purchases via the site, some through a destash and others through The Stamping Shop group buys on Facebook. Regardless of how I got them, I knew after my first use that I needed them all.

You have seen images probably without knowing in my Swatch & Review Series but starting in the new year, I plan to include the nail art info in my reviews. But nonetheless, I use these plates because they are reliable and unique. What I mean by reliable is that I know they pick up and transfer effortlessly. And the images, they are fun and take my mani to the next level. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I get from perfect strangers when I have a stamped mani.

So, the time has come to check out the 4 newest plates released just in time for the Winter/Holiday season. Enjoy…

Make Your Mark 06 

Can’t Wait for Xmas – 02

4 Seasons – Autumn 02

4 Seasons – Winter 02

Swatches and Macros

Overall Thoughts – Lina Nail Art Stamping Plates

Dimensions: Plate – 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm 

Availability: Current

Price: $14.99

Overall: I love these plates. Like I stated before they are just in time and perfect for the season.  I have already use one image in my Ho Ho Ho-lidays Mani and have plans to use many more. The etching on the plates is so crisp and give my mani the ‘fresh from the salon’ look every time. If you’re new to stamping I highly recommend this brand because they are so easy to use. If you have been in the stamp game and looking to add to your collection, check out Lina!

Lina Nail Art Supplies

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