Moore Nail Mail: Moo Moo’s Signature – The Last Night of Pompeii

Hey y’all!! Today I want to show you a gorgeous polish I was able to snag thru a destash! When I saw initial swatches on IG I knew I had to have it but my dreams were short lived because I found out that the polish was a group exclusive for One More Polish based in Russia. I figured by the time I figured out how to order and determine IF they shipped to the US, the shipping rates would be OUTRAGEOUS. But thank goodness for destashses and one mans trash…. well, you know the rest. Now whether or not the polish is still available or not, I’m not sure but, if you like it enough maybe you can score it is a destash like I did!

I bought this polish back in November but because of the move and having to do a change of address, the PO ‘misplaced’ it for awhile resulting in delayed delivery. I just opened it last night and knew immediately that I had to get it on my nails first thing. So I said good-bye to my Ho Ho Ho-liday Mani and indulged myself in The Last Night of Pompeii by Moo Moo’s Signatures.

The first thing I literally said out loud to myself was, “CRAP!!!”

I felt so many emotions while I applied the polish. Like, why? Why did it take me so long to try this brand? How I have I gone this long with out this polish?

But enough of all that, let’s take a look! Enjoy…

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