Be Inspired: Ho Ho Ho-liday Mani

Hello December!! Since I have a little break between pr samples, I decided to do some nail art inspired by this festive holiday and share with you, my friends!

Today is the 4th day of this celebratory month and I have my first of many holiday/winter manis. I’m super excited about this mani because I was able to use one of my new Lina plates and can I just say, I love it! Lina has become one of my favorite brands and I use this brand religiously in my Swatch & Review series. I also tried my hand at another nail art technique that I don’t use enough, foiling!

So let’s see how I did!

What I used:

  • Base Coat and Ridge Filling base coat by Glisten & Glow
  • Jior Black by Jior Couture
  • Yellow Stopper by American Classics
  • White by Mundo de Unas (MdU)
  • Green and Red Metallic foils from eBay (included foil glue)
  • Make Your Mark 06 by Lina Stamping Plates
  • Tonic Topper by Tonic Nail Polish

Lets Get Started:

  1. To well manicures nails I applied a coat of both base coat and ridge filling base coat allowing both to dry thoroughly in between each layer
  2. Once dry, I applied a thin coat of Jior Black
  3. Then, using a dry brush technique I applied the foil glue randomly to each finger and allowed to dry until the glue was transparent
  4. I used the green metallic foil and presses it gently over the glued areas
  5. I repeated steps 3 & 4 using the red metallic foil
  6. Once that was dry, I used the Yellow Stopper to help smooth the polish, glue and foil and also provide a sticky base for the stamp to adhere to
  7. Using the MYM 06 and white stamping polish I stamped the desired image over each nail
  8. Finally, I used Tonic Topper to seal in my design


I know there was a little bleeding of the foil and I’m not sure if that had anything to do with the brand of stamping polish, top coat or a combination of things. Regardless, I really like how this mani came out and the look of the distressed foil.

Next time I’ll try to remember to get pictures after each step. Of course I didn’t know I was going to post this until after the fact.

Thanks for stopping by!

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