Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – Making Christmas Collection


I’m so excited to publish today’s post because today is my 300th blog post!!! When I launched my blog June 2016, I never thought I’d get to this point. I thought maybe 50 and if I were lucky 100 but 17 months later I’ve hit a huge milestone.

For all those thinking of starting a blog or YouTube channel, start it! Start now! Don’t put it off any longer!! Don’t wait until next tomorrow or next week or next month, start now!! My husband asked me a question the other day, I’m sure it was something he heard or read somewhere, but he asked me, ‘When’s the last time you did something for the first time?’ I had to stop and thing about it because so many time we get caught in an everyday routine and while that’s great, we have to also make sure we are showing up for our life. For ourselves! So my encouraging message for the day is, Start Now! Do something new.

Ok now that my sermon is over, let’s talk polish! I’m not sure about where you live but now that Halloween is over, everywhere I turn it’s all about Christmas. Oh, and Black Friday! So if you’re one of those people who love sales and Christmas, make sure you read til the end. Today’s post features the newest, upcoming 7- piece collection from LynB Designs, Making Christmas.

Now I love Christmas just as much as the next person but I can do without the white stuff… ya know, snow ❄️!! But nothing is better than celebrating this joyous holiday with family and friends, other than weeeelll maybe a great mani… lol. But with this collection, you can have both!


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