Swatch & Review: Tonic Nail Polish – Secrets & Soulmates Collab


Something special happens when friends get together; memories are made and good times are had. Just think about the last time you and a good friend or friends hung out. I’m sure there was laughter and/or crying, maybe some dancing, singing and of course… eating. Good friends are like a rare gem, so when you find them, it’s important to hold on tight. And even through arguments, disagreements and no matter how much time or space passes in between talking, real friendships last.

Today’s feature collection has been a long time labor of love between two friends with mutual loves of design, art, fashion, romance, and of course, nail polish!!

Lindsey and Elena met very shortly after first launching Tonic when she did the first group custom under the newly minted “Polish Revamped” group (link below). Elena kindly remembered Lindsey when she partnered with the Crazy for Crelly’s group to do the special edition “Smoke & Mirrors” box. Lindsey realized Elena had a passion for design and creative concept that she wanted to tap into, and eventually asked Elena to develop some mood boards to develop colors from!! This collection came from Elena’s inspiration boards (shown), was named by Elena, and comes straight from both of their hearts!


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