The Queen’s Critique: Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder


Hey there! I have a quick blog posting announcement before we get into todays product review. Starting Nov. 16th thru until Nov. 26th the blog will be on vacation mode. While I am on ‘vacation’, I’ll be moving and setting up shop at my new home and plan to be back to my regularly scheduled program on Nov. 27th. I plan to stay active on IG and check in every now and then. So if you’re not already following me on IG, be sure click the link below and follow.

 Now on to the review!

I was sent the Nail Polish Holder from Color Clutch to use and I want to share my thoughts and feedback.

First off, let me start my sharing what it is. Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder is a storage unit that can store 14 bottles of your favorite nail polish. Because of its sleek and clean design it take up just 2″ of space and looks great on a shelf or bookcase! The Nail Polish Holder accommodates almost every brand of polish and keeps polish in its upright position,  preserving the brush and polish life. The large window lets you see every bottle and…… there’s a space on the side where you can swatch each color for easy identification and the magnetic closure keeps bottles secure.

I know I’ve peaked your interest now, keep ready to find out more…

So say you’re going out of town on business of a mini getaway/vacation, well you shouldn’t be caught dead with chipped nails or the same mani for 2 consecutive days;

Or say, you have a few bottles of polish you covet more than your own children (this is a joke…maybe!) or most prized possession and you want to keep them in their best condition and allow them to be showcased;

Or maybe you want to give the gift of gorgeous polish to a friend but you’re sure she/he owns every single one.

Well, the answer is the Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder!! As shown below, you can finally take your babies with you, wherever you go. I mean, if one can purchase a stroller for their dog then surely you can purchase a Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder for your polish!

See.. easy to view what’s inside

Use the side panel to swatch the contents. And get this, you can use acetone to remove and update nail polish swatches! #winning

Easy to open and close using the magnetic closure

Padded interior accommodates virtually every brand of polish.

Overall Thoughts – Color Clutch Nail Polish Holder

Dimensions: 10-1/4″ x 2-3/8″ x 9″ h

Availability: Currently available in black and white

Price: $19.99

Overall: If you’re like me an own…. let’s just say a lot of nail polish, this may not be the product to store each bottle in your collection but it’s great to store those HTF, LE and/or exclusives.

Color Clutch

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