Swatch & Review: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited – Changing Seasons Collection (Partial)


Hey y’all….. IT’S FRIIIIIIIIDDDDDAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! I feel like shoutin’ and dancin’ and havin’ a good ole’ time! This week has been so long and tiring and I am so happy the weekend is upon us! Tonight I’ll be celebrating my grandmother’s 74th birthday with a family dinner. It’s always a blast when family gathers, laughin’, jokin’ and makin’ memories is what life is all about. Then we have a fun filled day of… PACKING!!! YAY! …NOT! Yep, move day is scheduled for 11/18 and the truck has been reserved, now if only people would volunteer to help us move, life would be sweet as honey. Instead we ‘rebegging and pleading and promising to baby-sit in exchange for moving help.

And just when we thought band was over, we find out that this coming Sunday my son and his high school marching band will be preforming in a Veteran’s Day Parade. Like seriously, I just want one weekend, one weekend where the 5 of us are under the roof at the same time and we’re not asleep, is that too much to ask for?! I guess the day will come soon enough when we’re snowed in and have no choice but to be together.

Speaking of snow, I kid you not, I think Fall as I know is officially over. I think it lasted all of a week. It’s so cold here in MD that about a week ago I had to cut on the heat, just enough to warm up the house, but still.

Today I have 8 of the 10 polishes featured in the Changing Seasons Collection from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. This collection is all about thermals, so sit back , relax and check it out!

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