The Queen’s Critique: Cuticula – On To The Next Peel Off Base


I feel it’s only right that when you know of something amazing that will benefit others as much as it has benefitted you, it’s your solemn duty to let them know. If not, you’re no friend at all.

So friend, pull up a seat and let me tell you about Cuticula!

This brand has been around for a while, like since 2013 producing amazingness like Cuticula Nail Tape. Cuticula Nail Tape is a scented liquid latex barrier used to protect your cuticle and surrounding skin during messy nail art like stamping, sponging, watermarble, etc. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss today. I’ve got something even more exciting if you can believe it. I mean it’s a no brainer that you’ll want to pick up some Nail Tape in addition to the newest product to hit their store…

On To The Next Peel Off Base Coat


On To Te Next (OTTN) Peel Off Base Coat is a liquid latex base coat that is applied to the nail for temporary wear of your mani. This is a swatcher/bloggers dream! But you don’t have to be a swatcher/blogger to benefit from this product. If you just wanted to wear a mani for a few minutes or hours, this product is what you need in your life. I was sent the huckleberry scent which is pleasing to the senses and it’s a pretty baby soft pink too! Now I know you’re probably saying, “But Krystal, there’s tons of this stuff in the indie market right now. Why this one?’

Well, I’m glad you asked! I have used a similar products to this before but none I’ve used were scented. Instead they smelled of ammonia. Also, removal is a breeze. I just used a plastic cuticle pusher and it comes off in 1 sheet, not a million little pieces. Right before trying this product I was using a liquid latex from Walmart, and while it got the job done, the dry time seemed like for ever compared to OTTN Peel Off Base Coat. Now it seems like I am able to get more swatches completed in a matter of minutes. And lastly, it doesn’t dry up on the brush and get all clumpy making application a nightmare, it’s smooth and easy.



So if that’s not enough to convince, take a look at in action!

Overall Thoughts – Cuticula – On To The Next Peel Off Base

Formula / Application: as stated before, OTTN Peel Off Base went on smooth and was the perfect addition to the swatch fest I had going on last week.

Opacity: dries clear and pink color does NOT affect polish color (shown above)

Scents: Huckleberry

Price: $8.25

Availability: TBA

Overall: Cutiula the brand is amazing and the soon to be a one-stop location for all your manicure needs from base to top and all around! The Nail Tape, I’ll have a mini review next week, but it’s a winner for sure. OTTN Peel Off Base… #yesplease! I think it goes without saying that I’ll be stocking up on this product.

Oh yeah, I did test this product in water and for extended wear. And about that….. um, it didn’t come out very well. Buuuuut, that might have something to do with the steam and that I plucked it all off because that’s what I do, I’m a plucker. And I tried to wear it overnight and whatdoyaknow, my mani was still intact the following morning!! There are no pics, just take my word for it.

Again, this product is a lifesaver whether you’re a swatcher/blogger or just trying to make your way through all your untried pretties. You’ll use less acetone, your nails and cuticles will be happier and so will your wallet since you’ll buy less acetone and cotton balls.

Be sure to follow Cuticula on IG…. they recently announced some amazing news of more new products soon to come!


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5 thoughts on “The Queen’s Critique: Cuticula – On To The Next Peel Off Base

  1. So, if you are swatching many polishes in one session this will still peel off if it’s only been on for a few minutes (10-15 or however it takes on average to paint ones nails, top coat, and take photos)? I ask because I’ve tried UNT, Nail Pattern Boldness, and FingerPaints and none of them peel well for the first day or so. To have a product that will still peel when the top polish is still somewhat pliable sounds amazing!

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