Swatch & Review: Literary Lacquer – October Release


Hey y’all! I’m lagging today and I can barely keep my eyes open. Ever have one of those days? A day where all you want to do lay in bed and loaf? Yep, that’s me today but unfortunately the bills don’t get paid if I lay around in bed all day. Lucky for me I have a day off coming up and that’s what I’m using as my motivation to keep going! So on to the polish!

Today I have the newest, upcoming duo from Literary Lacquers along with 5 returning shades releasing on Thursday, Oct. 19th. Of the 5 returning shades, 3 are pictured here and I have included links to the posts for the 2 others. Be sure to go and check them out, you’ll want to add then to your cart for sure!

*Returning Shades*

Sweet Lenore * Soul Within Me Burning (pictured below) * And This Mystery Explore * Mirror of Galadriel * Attic Mice * Sherlock (pictured below) * Irene (pictured below) * Sensible Rabbit * Lestat * Louis

Whatda say we get this party started and take a look at the polish?!

**All swatches are done using QDTC and Onward Through the Fog Matte Top Coat by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

The Faulkner Duo

Inspired by the creepy William Faulkner story “A Rose for Emily” 

The Best You Have

A clear holo sparkle and medium hex glitter in matte grey, holo black, holo orange, and metallic navy topper

 A Rose for Emily

A dusty rose creme

 Returning Shades


A vampy cherry red crelly


A gorgeous espresso brown creme

Soul Within Me Burning

A deep, rich purple holo with coppery-orange sparkle and shift

Overall Thoughts – Literary Lacquer – October Release

Formula / Application: no issues to report. Everything went on nice and smooth.

Opacity: swatches shown in 2-3 coats

Price: Faulkner Duo – $10 each and Returning Shades – $10 for cremes and glitters, $12 for holos.

Availability: Thursday, October 19th at 12pm (noon) Mountain Time

Queen’s Choice: Soul Within Me Burning

So what are you reading nowadays?

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