Swatch & Review: Pahlish – This is Holo-Ween Collection


This may surprise you but I’ve never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, I know, shame on me, I’ve lived under a rock for the past 24 years, but all that’s about to change.

“I, Krystal, solemnly promise to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas before Halloween.”

There. Happy? Jason looked it up on Netflix and it’s available so we’ll make it a family movie night and check it out!

Why is it so important now that accomplish such a milestone in my life? Well, I’ll tell you. When you see an amazing collection of polishes inspired by the movie, you know it’s something you must see. Today I have the 8-piece Limited Edition holographic collection from Pahlish, This Is Holo-Ween. These polishes release Sunday, October 15th and will not be restocked after October 31st. Let’s take a look!

**All swatches are done using Topcoat by Glisten & Glow (shiny) and Through the Fog Matte Topcoat by Vapid. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

What’s This?!

A soft orchid pink scattered holographic with muticolored chameleon flakes and shimmer

Oogie Boogie

A soft grey scattered holographic with green/teal chameleon flakes and shimmer

Lock, Shock, and Barrel

A sheer grey scattered holographic with red and purple multichrome shimmers

Pumpkin King

A warm rust linear holographic with multichrome purple to gold shimmer

Ride With the Moon

A pale blue scattered holographic with pink and orange chameleon flakes and shimmer

Deadly Nightshade

A royal purple linear holographic with multichrome blue to pink shimmer

Frog’s Breath

A bright olive linear holographic with multichrome red to green shimmer

Sandy Claws

An oxblood scattered holographic with blue to pink multichrome shimmer

 Overall Thoughts – Pahlish – This is Holo-Ween Collection

Formula / Application: no issues to report

Opacity: 1-3 coats

Price: All shades $11, limited sets available for $80 each

Availability: Available for preorder October 15th @ 7 pm central

Blogger Top Picks: Frog’s Breathe 


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