The Queen’s Critique: NailDrama Box – Fall Box


Ever been so annoyed, you just want to scream? Well today, that’s me!

Here I was, all ready and prepared for Fall, but noooooooo someone decided she wasn’t ready to descend cooler temperatures on the mid-Atlantic yet. And yes, that someone is Mother Nature.

Instead , he has decided to tease us with a few cool days and here I am getting my hoodies out and shopping online for a new pair of boots. You know the kind that you put on with a pair of jeans…. whoa m I kidding, I mean jeggings, and spend the day at the pumpkin patch. Yeah, those kinda boots! We are planning to attend our family’s annual pumpkin patch day on 10/21 which is a load of fun. There’s a corn maze, hayrides, games and fun for the entire family. In the evening, we gather around a campfire, the kids make s’mores, the ladies laughing, guys playing football, and there’s even fireworks!!! It’s what fall should be like, I totally live for the day. And what’s best about it, I am curdled up in a blanket drinking hot apple cider or hot chocolate. But I can’t do that with 85 degree temperatures. So I need everyone reading this post to say a little prayer for Fall to come back.

Regardless of what the temperature will be, my nails will be lookin’ fly because I have the Fall Nail Drama Box! Here are a few mani ideas that I played with, but be sure to check there IG for more ideas and looks!

What’s Included:

Brown Stripping Tape

Leaves Water Decals

Fire Rhinestones


Fall Foils

Fall Leaves

Overall Thoughts – NailDrama Box – Fall Box

Price: Starting as low as $10 + $1.99 (shipping)

Availability: 1st – 20th of the month, shipping to start on or around the 25th of month

This monthly themed box gets delivered to your mailbox full of possibility. The themes makes you think outside of the box and work with items that you may not normally use.

For only $11.99 (INCLUDES SHIPPING), you get 5-6 different nail art items based on the months theme. And because this is a subscription box, you can sign up for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months with discounts starting at 6 months subscriptions… FREE SHIPPING!!!

Be sure to check out the NailDrama IG page, link below on the 1st of each month when a sneak preview of the months theme will be revealed.

NailDrama Box

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