Swatch & Review: Cirque Colors – Maison Collection


Hello, World! I’m so excited to finally introduce the Maison Collection by Cirque Colors. This 10-piece limited edition release is inspired by textures, materials and objects for the home.

 The Maison Collection is just in time for cooler months ahead, as this all-inclusive collection features temperature changing thermals, foils, shimmers and holo polishes in a variety of colors.

 Before we take a look at the polishes, let’s find out a little about the brand.Cirque Colors was created by Annie Pham in 2012, “out of a desire to transcend the limited color palettes of conventional nail lacquer brands. The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, came from the idea of the color wheel — a window onto the endless possibilities of the color spectrum.”

“Over the past five years, Cirque has explored the color continuum, hand-mixing personal color inspiration with unique pigments and raw materials, resulting in a distinct product rich in color, and high on performance. Each color is designed and small-batch manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.”

All nail lacquers are 4-Free, vegan and cruelty-free. Cirque Colors ships worldwide, except to Brazil, India, Italy and Russia and offer free shipping free shipping in the United States for orders over $50, Canada for orders over $100 and the rest of the world for orders over $200.

And get this… all orders ship out within 3 business days of order receipt using USPS mailing services. So you’ll get your beauties in no time! Now, let’s take a look at the new Maison Collection! 

**All swatches are done using liquid latex peel off base coat, glossy QDTC and matter topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Druzy (LE)

$14.00 Type: Foil
A multichromatic gunmetal foil

Estate (LE)

$14.00 Type: Holographic
An antique gold foil holographic made with our unique sterling silver pigment

Lapis Lazuli (LE)

$12.50 Type: Flake
A cobalt blue with metallic speckles

Magic Turquoise (LE)

$14.00 Type: Flake, Thermal
A temperature-sensitive speckled turquoise that changes to green when cold and light blue when warm

 Patina (LE)

$14.00 Type: Thermal
A temperature-sensitive bronze foil that changes to dark bronze when cold and coppery-bronze when warm
Note: Nail polish will dry matte. Top coat is highly recommended.

Plush Suede (LE)

$12.50 Type: Shimmer
A delicate pink-lilac with glowing copper shimmer

Rothko Red (LE)

$14.00 Type: Thermal
A temperature-sensitive red that changes to deep oxblood when cold and bright crimson when warm
Note: Nail polish will dry matte. Top coat is highly recommended.

Stoneware (LE)

$12.50 Type: Flake
A speckled pale peach

Succulent Garden (LE)

$12.50 Type: Shimmer
A light khaki green with fiery red shimmer

Velvetine (LE)

$12.50 Type: Shimmer
A slate blue with glowing copper shimmer

Overall Thoughts – Cirque Colors – Maison Collection

Formula / Application: These polishes seem to glide on. The coverage is amazing and the formula is perfect. The opacity is what really shocked me about this brand. In just 2 east coats, I was able to achieve no VNL.

Opacity: swatches shown in 2 coats

Availability: Current

Overall: I was in complete shock as this was my first trying this brand. The polishes are worth every penny and my top 3 picks are Plush Suede, Lapis Lazuli and Velvetine.

Cirque Colors

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