Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – You’re Punny Collection and Polish Con Event Exclusives


Hey guys, welcome back! Before we get started, I want to give a huge shout out to the Tuscarora High School March Band  (Frederick, MD) for taking 1st place with a score of 78.85 and award for high percussion this past weekend in their first competition of the 2017-18 school year!  It was an honor and a treat to be amongst talented young men and women. Congratulations!!! #thsimb #gotitans #titanpride

We are officially in the home stretch to Polish Con Chicago 2017 taking place this Saturday, Sept. 23rd at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. If you haven’t already secured your tickets…. DO IT NOW!!! While scrolling through Facebook, I found a few makers doing ticket giveaways, so this is your chance to win and go for FREE!!! Yep, save your money from the ticket and put it to buying more polish. Polish like the ones I have to show you today! 

Today I have the You’re Punny Collection and Polish Con Exclusives from LynB Designs. That’s 12 jaw-dropping polishes to get through so without further adieu, let’s get to it. Continue reading “Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – You’re Punny Collection and Polish Con Event Exclusives”

Swatch & Review: Sassy Sauce Polish – September Release


I just realized that I am very ill prepared for today’s post. I try to have posts ready the night before but no such luck this go round. Here it is after 12pm et and not only haven’t I posted but I haven’t eaten breakfast or stopped to used the bathroom…nothing.

I did however run my girls’ lunch to their school because in the midst of them getting ready this morning, they forgot to grab it. All I can say is TGIF!!!

Tomorrow Xavier has his 1st marching band competition. How exciting?! And I, being not of sound body or mind half the time, volunteered to chaperone on the student bus. But it should be ok, right? I mean, they’re high school students, how bad could it be?

Ok, now I freaking myself out. Just send good vibes my way for extra good measure.

 Today I have the newest polishes from Sassy Sauce including the newest addition to the lineup…Stamping Sauce. These polishes released today and are available for $8.50.

Let’s take a look!

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Swatch & Review: Alter Ego Polish Con Exclusives


So this morning Jason and I had to a pre drywall meeting for the new house and we are super stoked. We were able to walk through and of course the most exciting part was seeing my MANIcave!!! I already positioned where my table and helmer will go….it’s getting real you guys.

The kids have officially been in school now for 8 days and while the excitement is still kinda there, they are not liking the homework. But I have to admit, I do miss them here at home with me sometimes. The house is soooo quite I actually long for the arguing and fussing. If you tell them that, I will absolutely deny it and say this post was written under extreme duress.

Anywho, on to the polish! The next stop on the Polish Con Exclusives and LEs train is to see what Cynthia of Alter Ego is cookin up! Today I have other her event exclusive AND VIP bag exclusive!!! I hope you haven’t skipped straight to the swatches because I wanted to forewarn you that if you are lucky enough to be a VIP ticket holder and do NOT want to see what you’re getting, advert your eyes. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. For those that don’t mind, feast your eyes on the pretties ahead.

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Swatch & Review: Great Lakes Lacquer – September Release and Polish Con Exclusives


Good Morning! Let’s talk about the power of 10 for just a sec, shall we? Why? Because the #10 is very significant to today’s post.

We have 10 fingers and 10 toes, there are 10 Commandments, 10 digits in a phone number (U.S), 10 bowling pins….and I’m sure if I thought about it more, I could rattle off more but for the sake of your sanity and the length of this post, let’s talk polish! Today I have the Notes to Self thermal quad, September LEs – The Mermaids Of Lake Michigan Trio and 3 Polish Con LEs for a total of 10 new polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer.


So you see, today the magic number is 10! iI you’re a gambling or betting person, put $10 on 10 and see what happens…lol. #jk but seriously if you hit/win, 10% comes back to me. If not, then….better luck next time.

Ok, let’s get serious for a sec because I promised myself this intro would only take 10 secs to read because these polishes are too amazing to delay any further!

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Polish Box: The Cool as Shift, Fall Thermal Box


What if I told you today’s post featured 8 polishes for the price of 4? That would be amazing right? Well… that’s kinda what I’m going to tell you.

You may be wonder how that is possible, well you see, today I have the pleasure of bringing you the Fall Thermal Box, Cool as Shift. THERMAL being the operative word!

This box features 4 phenomenal thermals from some of your favorite makers! If you’re not familiar with thermals, they are super cool because they allow you to have 2 polishes in 1 bottle. These polishes change color as they react to heat and cold. There’s some science behind it all but we’re here to talk polish, so let’s jump into it!

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Polish Box: #TeamAddieMae Benefit Box

***Discount Samples***

Adeline, better known as Addie Mae, is the daughter of 2-Bit indie polish maker Kiley Akers Underhill. This sweet, sassy and spunky 7 years old loves all things unicorn, pink, her goats and playing with her brothers. However, her sweet and innocent world changed forever July 30, 2017 when a MRI revealed Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG…a brain tumor.

Because surgery is the treatment for many other types of brain tumors, it is not possible for DIPG and even chemo is not effective due to limitations reaching a DIPG tumor. Therefore, Addie has been receiving radiation therapy for 6 of the 6.5 week treatment at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville. Addie’s family has been faced with daunting expenses during this time including medical expenses beyond insurance, travel, loss of pay, and child care for their 2 other children and Addie Mae’s her brothers, Skyler & Xander.

By now, I’m sure you have seen Addie’s beautiful face and read her story all over social media as many support groups, organizations and of course family is calling out for your support and to raise awareness.  It didn’t take long before the indie nail polish community heard of what was going on and sprung into action. Swatcher/Blogger, Courney Everton Stemple (creator of M.A.P.B) and indie polish maker Crystal Churchill of POSHlish co-created and organized the #TeamAddieMae Benefit Box uniting 10 brands together for 1 purpose….Addie Mae! This box exudes compassion, love and support for Addie Mae and her family. Makers donated time and resources to make this happen all so one little girl could have a fighting chance.


Let’s take a look!

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Swatch & Review: Pahlish – September Releases and PC Exclusives


TGIF!!!! I’ve survived 4 days of kids in school and the first official kickoff of the NFL season. And now that we have a high-schooler, football will become an even bigger part of our life. Yep, you know what I’m talking about, Friday Night Lights. Our son is in the marching band playing the baritone and if you’ve ever attended a HS football game you know it’s not about the game, players or the cheerleaders, it’s all about the band! They will preform during halftime at every home game this season and we will be front and center to cheer them on! #gotitans!

Before we head out for a night under the lights, I have to show you the 10 new polishes from Pahlish. There is a duo, 5 monthly releases and 3 Polish Con exclusives! So whata say we skip the mumbo-jumbo and get right into the pretties?

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Swatch & Review: Road to Polish Con Chicago 2017 – Week 11


Welp, it’s been one heck of a ride for the past 11ish weeks, sharing event polishes, known as RTPC, by some of the makers that will be vending at PC Chicago 2017. Before we check out the final 2 polishes, how about a few words from some of the makers that will be attending the event.

“After a successful event in New York, The Polish Convention, an event celebrating and exclusively featuring indie nail polish brands, is returning to its hometown of Chicago, IL. This bi-annual event hosted by Ever After Polish and Great Lakes Lacquer takes place September 23rd at Navy Pier, Festival Hall in Chicago, IL.  Navy Pier, Festival Hall is the largest locale for Polish Con so far, and will be filled with over 30 local and international vendors helping attendees celebrate their love for nail polish, and nail polish accessories through shopping, live demos, tutorial tables, and meet and greets with their favorite brand owners and creators.”

“KBShimmer owner Christy Rose says “We are thrilled to be returning to Polish Con for our third time. The new venue at Chicago’s iconic Navy Pier is such beautiful location! This new and larger locale will allow attendees a more pleasurable shopping experience and the makers more opportunity to connect with fans.  KBShimmer is honored to be among so many quality Indie Polish brands and cannot wait to announce our unbelievable show specials and introduce our new mini collection celebrating one of America’s best cities, Chicago!””

“Some of the over 30 brands that will be in attendance this year, along with the event organizers, are KBShimmer, Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension, and Girly Bits. For nail artists, bloggers, and indie polish lovers in the Chicago area this is the perfect opportunity to meet the creators behind your favorite indie brands, socialize with other nail enthusiasts in the community, and learn new nail art techniques through live demos and tutorials.   Shop the latest trendy nail polishes including chrome, holographic, unicorn and mermaid flakes, thermal, glitter and many more unique colors and styles from the wide array of vendors.  You will also find nail and hand care items and nail art tools.”

“Jill Rehm-Craine, owner of Glisten & Glow says “Building interpersonal relationships with old and new indie polish fanatics is the highlight of the event for us! Polish Con showcases indie polish from all over the globe in one place for one day- what an incredible experience. Attendees getting to see in person polishes they have loved online, friendships being formed, and squeals of delight when showing off their manicures are my favorite sights and sounds of the day!   We are excited to showcase new Chicago themed collections and offer fabulous deals on award winning products.  It’s an experience of a lifetime! Near, far wherever you are Polish Con – Chicago is the must go to Nail Polish event of the season!””

“”Polish Con is one of my favorite events of the year- it’s a chance to connect with our customer base, preview all of the new polishes and offer amazing show specials. There are few opportunities to meet up with a large group of people who share the same passion and Polish Con is just that.  Seeing online friends meet in person for the first time, seeing young women passionate about this industry, and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces throughout the day is what makes these events so rewarding for me as a vendor,”  Says Cupcake Polish owner Sara Casey.”

“Missi Barry, the owner of Different Dimension says, “I love the tutorial tables and demo tables where attendees get to learn many new nail art techniques demonstrated live and then have the ability to try the techniques themselves! You can learn how to do nail polish gradients, watermarble, free hand nail art, apply nail vinyls, make nail decals, and even learn how to stamp like a pro! Polish Con is not only a shopping event, but a learning experience.  Such a unique and memorable event for all nail polish lovers.””

“Third time vendor Pam Heil, owner of Girly Bits says, “We look forward to chatting with customers and friends and reconnecting with those we have had the pleasure of meeting at previous events. We are giddy with anticipation of being surrounded by polish and polish fanatics like ourselves. I can’t wait to share our newest releases and exclusive show specials.  Polish Con is the perfect opportunity to try out new brands we’ve had our eyes on as well.  This year, we are excited to share an exclusive ‘After Polish Con Coupon’ created in collaboration with other vendors for all Polish Con attendees.””

“The Polish Con tickets for the September 23rd event at Chicago’s Navy Pier, Festival Hall are on sale now through September 22nd, 2017 at  Search for Polish Con or use the link below.  The event is open to the general public from 3pm CST until 6pm CST and tickets include a Polish Con shopping bag and event brochure with vendor discounts and an after the show exclusive coupon.  Early access tickets are also available.” 

 Don’t forget, Polish Con Chicago 2017 will be held at Navy Pier, Festival Hall. 600 E Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60611 on Saturday, September, 23rd. Early Entrance and General Admission tickets are still available, click here!

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Swatch & Review: Blush Lacquer – C4N Exclusives and Polish Con LE Trio & Exclusive


Well yesterday was the first day of school for my kids and as any parent will tell you, the first day means homework. But not for the kids, oh no, but for the parents. My kids came home excited to tell me about my their day and I dreaded hearing the 6 words they were all bound to utter, ‘you have stuff to fill out.’

So there Jason and I sat, filling out information worksheets, Get to Know My Child forms and What You Can Expect This Year packets. So as my high-schooler told me about how crowded the cafeteria is during his lunch time and my 5th grader asked me what she should put in her ‘All About Me’ bag and the 1st grader squealed with excitement over how cool recess was, there I was signing my life away; you would have thought I was buying a car…lol.

Anyway, I thought you might want to know about my evening on yesterday, and although I missed them being home with me, I was excited to get my house back! From 9-2, there was peace and quite!

The quite was short lived as I delved into these 6 polishes from Victoria at Blush Lacquer. We have a lot to cover today, so hopefully you have paper and pen ready to take notes. Today I have 2 C4N (Color 4 Nails) Exclusives and the Polish Con LE Trio but that’s not all, I also have the Polish Con Exclusive!!!

Let’s take a look!!

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Swatch & Review: Pepper Pot Polish – Gothic Family Jewels


Good Morning and welcome back! I trust that you all had an amazing and relaxing holiday weekend. Yesterday, I decided to take the day off from swatching and blogging to binge watch one of my favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy. Yep, yesterday was a Netflix and chill kinda day. I laughed, I cried all while eating copious bowls of cereal in bed. My kids managed to get a few hours outside with friends on their final day off/ summer break before school starting, it was a good day. But here we are again, back to the drawing board.

Vampy, luscious, creamy and mysterious are just a few choice words that I would use to describe todays featured collection and when you see the swatches you’ll know why. Mackenzie of Pepper Pop Polish sent me her upcoming 5 piece collection, The Family Jewels which are all deep, rich crèmes… just in time for fall.

Based in Tacoma, WA, Pepper Pot Polish is a 5-Free nail polish brand. Pepper Pot is creative expression and a feminist point of view through glitter and pigment.

I know in all of that, all you remember is crèmes. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, let’s take a look at these drool worthy polishes. Keep Reading!!