Polish Box: Fall Seasonal Indie Box


 It’s looks like Mother Nature has finally read her ‘Seasons Changing’ memo and turned off the heat. Today’s the first day in about a week that we are having seasonal temperatures. The weatherman is calling for a high of 78 but this morning when I woke up it was 71 and the first thing I reached for was my sweatshirt. My bed was so cozy and warm, the perfect place that you’d want to stay in all day but alas, I must adult and do all those things I dread, mainly laundry.

Speaking of which, I was so very proud of myself yesterday when I turned my mountain pile of laundry into a molehill. I finally felt as though I had accomplished something in life. I was on a high! That was until 2 mysterious baskets of laundry appeared out of thin air, like seriously?!

 I can’t!!

I abruptly yelled, ‘this is a joke, right?!’ As my 14 year old just turned and ran away. He must have noticed my….. frustration and washed a load himself! Yay, one point for me for great parenting.

Only….. he left the clothes in the washer all night meaning… I have to re-wash them. Dude, SERIOUSLY?!

Anywho, on a brighter note, today’s my moms birthday and because I didn’t get prior, approval I won’t say how hold she is, but at any age she’s still my best girl! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Now, turning our attention to polish, today I have the Fall Seasonal Indie Box featuring Colores de Carol, Anchor & Heart, Turtle Tootsie and special guest, Tonic!!!!

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