Swatch & Review: Bad Bitch Polish (BBP) – October Birthstone Duo


Good Morning, my polish lovin’ people!!! I greet you from MD and wish you a happy Tuesday! Yes, it’s only Tuesday and hopefully after tomorrow we will start experiencing some Fall like temperatures. I don’t know you and where you are located but I didn’t sign up for 90 degree weather in Fall. I’m ready to turn off my air conditioning once and for all and open up the windows. This is absurd! I’m ready for hoodies and cider and…and all the other Fall things. But shorts and tank tops…not so much. So if anyone has an in with mother nature, can you please tell her that it’s Fall; because apparently she didn’t get the memo.

Now that I have that off my chest…

To all those born in October and even those that are not, your wait is over!!! The BBP October Birthstone Duo will be available this WEEKEND!! If you are a lover of all things PINK, these polishes are JUST. FOR. YOU!

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Swatch & Review: Baroness X Facebook Group Custom


Hey y’all! Today I have a special treat for you! Today I have the Facebook group custom from Baroness X, Anthracite. In keeping with tradition, before we check out the beautiful polish, let’s get a quick inside scoop about the brand and maker.

Baroness X, created by Demetria Williamson and is always 5-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. “Each Baroness X creation is 100% handmade with a precise formulation that creates a lacquer that is not too thick and not too thin for a smooth, easy application. The blend promotes a chip resistant luster. Many of our ingredients, like our multichromatic pigments and glitters, are extremely difficult to acquire. Some of these same ingredients are used to create currency around the world. And as such, are strictly controlled. We test all our glitters to make sure they won’t bleed or curl up. In short, our lacquer is perfection in a bottle.”

That is a statement I’d agreed 200% with. That said, I’d like to officially welcome Baroness X and Demetria to the Queendom. If you’re not familiar with this brand I suggest that you change that immediately. Even before receiving this polish for review I was a fan. The formulas of the 9 polishes I own are a pure delight and I love them.

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