Swatch & Review: October Polish Pickup


Fun fact #257 about me… I am the biggest scared-cat EVER!!! I’ll be the first admit that and admitting it is the first step, right? Monsters and scary thing freak me out, I can’t even bear to watch previews for scary movies on tv, I literally close my eyes until its over. But there is nothing scary about the October Polish Pickup that will be available 10/6-10/9.

Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, Gremlins, Stranger Things 2 and other mythical creatures, the 4 polishes I have today are nothing to hide under the covers in fear of. In fact, its quite the opposite, these polishes will have you running to them!!

Let’s take a look at what Alter Ego, Chirality, LynB Designs and Pahlish  have in store for us!

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