Swatch & Review: LynB Designs – You’re Punny Collection and Polish Con Event Exclusives


Hey guys, welcome back! Before we get started, I want to give a huge shout out to the Tuscarora High School March Band  (Frederick, MD) for taking 1st place with a score of 78.85 and award for high percussion this past weekend in their first competition of the 2017-18 school year!  It was an honor and a treat to be amongst talented young men and women. Congratulations!!! #thsimb #gotitans #titanpride

We are officially in the home stretch to Polish Con Chicago 2017 taking place this Saturday, Sept. 23rd at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. If you haven’t already secured your tickets…. DO IT NOW!!! While scrolling through Facebook, I found a few makers doing ticket giveaways, so this is your chance to win and go for FREE!!! Yep, save your money from the ticket and put it to buying more polish. Polish like the ones I have to show you today! 

Today I have the You’re Punny Collection and Polish Con Exclusives from LynB Designs. That’s 12 jaw-dropping polishes to get through so without further adieu, let’s get to it.**All swatches are done using liquid latex as a peel-off base coat, glossy, QTDC and matte me topcoat. Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

 Polish Con Exclusives

Available only at Polish Con Chicago 2017 for $8/ea

Shedd Some Light

A medium blue toned green with purple to blue to green shimmer, green galaxy flakes, and holo micro shimmer.

I love this shade of blue, heck even my daughter wanted this color to paint her room. Its fun and light and gives a pop of color to any nail art design. My swatch is shown in 3 thin coats.

Chicago After Midnight

A deep navy jelly with color shifting iridescent glitter and micro rainbow glass fleck.

This color matches the name perfectly. No issues with formula or application and glitters and flecks lay nice and flat with a coat of glossy tc. Swatch shown in 3 coats.

Millennium Park Pink

A light pink crelly base with linear holo, pink to purple shimmer, and white micro flakes

Hello, Pink! I’m a lover of all things pink so this one was a win for me. With breast cancer awareness month right around the corner, this one is sure to make another appearance real soon. Swatch is shown in 3 coats.

 You’re Punny Collection

Releasing Sept 23rd for $7 at Polish Con

Available online starting Sept 29th for $10

SAVE 50% on the whole collection!!! $45 w/ free US shipping with the code PUNNY (through 10/7)

The Snuggle is Real

A medium toned grey with holo flakes, taupey pink shimmer, and gold flakes

I love grey polish and think it’s perfect for any season. I love all the fun add-ins of flakes and shimmer that take this grey polish to the next level. Swatch shown in 3 coats.

Synonym Rolls

A cinnamon crelly base with gold and bronze glass fleck and holo shimmer

How gorgeous is this polish?! I love the name too… it totally makes me want cinnamon rolls! Great coverage and no application issues. Swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

Lobster Tunity

A bold color shift with holo sparkle in a lobstery jelly base

A great palette cleansing shade and transition into fall! Again, no issues to report and swatch is shown in 3 easy coats.

Je ne sais Coffee

A deep espresso brown linear holo and holo flakes with a smattering of orange to green iridescent glitter

Yes, please! I was so excited to swatch this color, I’m still trying to figure out if I love it more glossy or matte. Oh, who am I kidding, I love it both ways! The holo in this color screams, “YOU NEED ME!” So just do it! Swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

Fringe with Benefits

A deep teal jelly with holo flakes and lavender and purple galaxy holo

Totally ready for a day at the beach with this color. For a jelly, each coat dried quickly and the polish was not too thick. Swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

Shrimply the Best

A shrimpy colored crelly base with red glass fleck and shimmer that shifts from red to yellow to orange 

Honestly, this has to be one of my faves from this collection. I love a good coral-ly shade and the red flecks were a no brainer. Swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

Once and Future Green

A deep ivy green with intense linear holo

Beautiful shade of green. Polish applied with buttah and looks amazing. Swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

Strawberry Feels

A bright red jelly with color shifting iridescent glitter, pinky red sparkle, and micro holo shimmer

This polish makes me think of strawberry preserves with I prefer to jam or jelly. Its sweet and delicious just like the polish. Perfect consistency for a jelly and swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

Peanut Butter and Jealous

A deep wine jelly with bronze shimmer, glitter, and holo

Another fave of mine, but I’m sure its no secret that I love deep, vampy colors. Swatch shown in 3 easy coats.

LynB Designs

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