Swatch & Review: Sassy Sauce Polish – September Release


I just realized that I am very ill prepared for today’s post. I try to have posts ready the night before but no such luck this go round. Here it is after 12pm et and not only haven’t I posted but I haven’t eaten breakfast or stopped to used the bathroom…nothing.

I did however run my girls’ lunch to their school because in the midst of them getting ready this morning, they forgot to grab it. All I can say is TGIF!!!

Tomorrow Xavier has his 1st marching band competition. How exciting?! And I, being not of sound body or mind half the time, volunteered to chaperone on the student bus. But it should be ok, right? I mean, they’re high school students, how bad could it be?

Ok, now I freaking myself out. Just send good vibes my way for extra good measure.

 Today I have the newest polishes from Sassy Sauce including the newest addition to the lineup…Stamping Sauce. These polishes released today and are available for $8.50.

Let’s take a look!

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