Swatch & Review: Blush Lacquer – C4N Exclusives and Polish Con LE Trio & Exclusive


Well yesterday was the first day of school for my kids and as any parent will tell you, the first day means homework. But not for the kids, oh no, but for the parents. My kids came home excited to tell me about my their day and I dreaded hearing the 6 words they were all bound to utter, ‘you have stuff to fill out.’

So there Jason and I sat, filling out information worksheets, Get to Know My Child forms and What You Can Expect This Year packets. So as my high-schooler told me about how crowded the cafeteria is during his lunch time and my 5th grader asked me what she should put in her ‘All About Me’ bag and the 1st grader squealed with excitement over how cool recess was, there I was signing my life away; you would have thought I was buying a car…lol.

Anyway, I thought you might want to know about my evening on yesterday, and although I missed them being home with me, I was excited to get my house back! From 9-2, there was peace and quite!

The quite was short lived as I delved into these 6 polishes from Victoria at Blush Lacquer. We have a lot to cover today, so hopefully you have paper and pen ready to take notes. Today I have 2 C4N (Color 4 Nails) Exclusives and the Polish Con LE Trio but that’s not all, I also have the Polish Con Exclusive!!!

Let’s take a look!!

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