Swatch & Review: Love Potion No 9 – Purple Pizza


I have 3 words for you….. ONE COATER CREME!!! These words are just as satisfying and heart-filling as Taco Tuesday or Pizza and Wings. I come on, you can’t get much better than a 1 coat crème.

Sorry, I’ve jumped the gun, so to speak, but my excitement over this polish… I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Today I have 1 of the many polishes available from a ‘new to me’ brand, Love Potion No 9. I found out about this brand during my search for WOC Indie Nail Polish Makers. If you haven’t read that post, be sure to do so here, trust me, it’s worth the read. 

Carter, maker, creator and brand owner sent me this polish for review and SPOILER ALERT…it’s stunning!!! “Love Potion No. 9 Lacquér promotes Self-Love via D.I.Y Manicures. We encourage women to set aside 9 Minutes to Lacquér w| Love and enjoy the burst of colour. Lacquered Nails are the best display of self-love next to your Smile.”

“Our Nail Lacquér is of superior quality made in the USA from FDA-approved ingredients. It is “5 free,” meaning that the polish does not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) and Camphor. Additionally we are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.”

Let’s take a look at Love Potion No. 9

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Tonic Topper by Tonic (shiny) and Matte Me topcoat by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Purple Pizza

A cool toned, lavender crème

Overall Thoughts – Love Potion No 9 – Purple Pizza

Formula / Application: gloriously delicious, self-leveling crème formula. Quick drying with a shiny finish. Application was a breeze as the consistency was not too think or thin.

Opacity: 1 coat

Price: $9

Availability: Current

Overall: I will definitely be adding more polishes from this brand to my wishlist and making a purchase once this lousy no buy is over. I highly urge you to check this brand out, especially if you are a crème lover.  

You don’t think I’d leave you all wondering if they watermarble and/or stamp, do you?

For the watermarble, I used Purple Pizza and Clear Watermarble from Glisten & Glow. For stamping I used my Fab Ur Nails Stamper, Lina Stamping Plate 4 Seasons – Summer 02 on my Twinkle T mat.

Well there you have it, a 1 coat crème that watermarbles and stamps!! I’d have to say that we hit the polish mother-load of polish trifectas.

Love Potion No 9

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