Swatch & Review: Anchor & Heart – Message in a Bottle Series


Hey guys and gals! Every now and then we need an encouraging word to help us make it through the week, a day, or just an hour and the theme behind this series of polish is meant to do just that. With the month I’ve been having as the summer is winding down and as I get closer to my kids going back to school, sweet reminders of “You’ve Got This” and “Stronger Than Yesterday” put as smile on my face as I was swatching these polishes.

Today I have Anchor & Heart Lacquer’s 2017 “Message In a Bottle” collection. This monthly series of polishes promotes an empowering message of love, confidence, and self acceptance! It’s like getting a high five from the bottom of your nail polish bottle! Another great thing is these beauties are available for ALL of 2017, not just the month that they are released! January-August polishes are all available now!
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