Swatch & Review: Hella Holo Customs (HHC) – August 2017


Oh Em Gee, do I have a post for you today! There is so much to cover, including 6 group customs, that I think I should skip the small talk and jump right in. I do want to warn you, there is A LOT of info to cover, so be sure to read it ALL!

Every month the amazing admin team of Hella Holo Customs (HHC), Aubrey Lacaillade and Dawn Borden, welcome 2 guest makers to create group custom polishes inspired and named by group members. Photos and names are submitted and voted on by HHC memebers…see, group membership does have its perks! And the only way to score these polishes is if you join the Facebook group (links below).

This month I had the privilege to work along side some very talented swatchers and bloggers for the August 2017 polishes. They included guest blogger, Jen Carter, Lacquester swatchers Nova Masha, Naemi Benigna and Eliane Putzschel and of course HHC’s house swatchers, Nicole Perez and Gretchen Kushner.

So, please help me welcome Hella Holo Custom August makers, KBShimmer and Laquester!!

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Tonic Topper by Tonic (shiny) and Matte Me topcoat by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.***


 Pinking of Paradise

Named by Kathryn Kooby

Photo submission by Lisa M. Saenz

This polish is a softly tinted pink polish features our holo glow flakes. These flakes have a unique holo glow to them in bright lights, while in softer lighting, a turquoise shimmer pops out to say hello. This polish is sheer enough in one coat to layer over your favorite pink cream.

That Goes Without Cyan

Named by Lacey Wilson Piekarz

Photo Submission by Yvette Price!

This sun and sky inspired linear holo polish takes inspiration from the vibrant blue skies. An aqua leaning blue color, we accented this strong linear holo with bits of copper and gold for a sparkle even in low lighting.

One Holo-of a Storm

Named by Kathryn Kooby’s

Photo Submission by Karen Murphy

This polish is a periwinkle leaning blue polish, this holographic shade sparkles with holo glitters. At the right angles, a pink shimmery flake with blue shifts pops through for a vibrant polish your tips and toes will love.


I Lilac You

Named by Bethany Powers

Photo Submission by Salgado Carmen

This gorgeous polish is blue, mauve, lilac, purple, and super glittery and holographic!!

Poppy Like it’s Hot

Named by Tanya Payne

Photo Submission by Kristi Lyn

This polish is a green/blue polish with red/copper multichrome flakies, tiny red holographic glitter .004 and Spectraflair, of course!

Bingo Flamingo

Named by Dana E. Linsky

Photo Submission by Carin Torstensson

This lovely polish is a pink/salmon with gold shift and tiny holographic glitter and some scattered spectraflair to make it sparkly in all the right places.

Overall Thoughts – August 2017 HHC Polishes

Formula / Application: no issues to report. The formulas of the polishes are brand standard and nothing out of the ordinary was noted. All polish applied smooth however, Poppy Like it’s Hot had a slightly textured finish because of the glitters but that’s to be expected. Everything smoothed out with a single coat of glossy tc. All of the polishes had great coverage, no dragging and perfect consistency.

Opacity: Swatches shown in 3 coats but with heavier application complete opacity and no VNL could be achieved in 2.

Price: KBShimmer – $10 USD and Lacquester – $10 EUR (PLEASE NOTE: Lacquester polish prices are in Euros. Currency conversion note! Today’s currency conversion calculates 9.35 Euros to about $11.38 USD. So use that discount code to take $1.13 off each bottle!! It brings it down to $10.25 per bottle!)  Lacquester is offering a 10% discount to ALL HHC members when you purchase an HHC polish. The discount is for the entire store WYB at least one HHC polish. (She has some gorgeous polishes in her store!!) The code is hhcaugust2017.

Availability: Sales will be open now until September 5th at 11:59pm HST and there is no limit to the number of polishes you can purchase

Overall: I loved all these polishes for different reasons and think they are all worth having. There’s something about the 3 KBShimmers. Its like they glow and the colors + finishes are so captivating. With I Lilac You, Caroline did a superb job with the inspiration photo and captured the colors spot on. Poppy Like it’s Hot and Bingo Flamingo are both so fun. The color and glitters make these perfect polishes to transition into fall.

Special Notes:

  • These polishes are available for pre-order. Making, bottling and shipping is not expected until after the end of the sale. However, some makers are able to send out some early. Please do not count on this.
  • As a reminder, USPS shipping recently changed their prices. Prices and shipping is available on each individual website for each brand.
  • We currently have group buys for the UK, Sweden and Canada. If you would like to participate in one of these group buys, please join our international group here: Hella Holo Customs International Group Ordering
  • HHC cross references all purchases of HHC polishes with our member list to make sure that those buying the polishes are a member. If you have previously let the HHC team know of a difference between your name on Facebook and your name on the PayPal account that is purchasing, you do not need to do so again. However, if there is a difference and it has not been previously sent to HHC, then you will need to send BOTH your Facebook name and your PayPal name to You won’t need to email us if they are the same name.
  • AND!!!! If you missed them the first time or simply want a back up, the original HHC KBShimmer customs will be available for purchase too!!


Pinking of Paradise
One Holo-of a Storm
That Goes Without Cyan


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