Swatch & Review: Hella Holo Customs (HHC) – August 2017


Oh Em Gee, do I have a post for you today! There is so much to cover, including 6 group customs, that I think I should skip the small talk and jump right in. I do want to warn you, there is A LOT of info to cover, so be sure to read it ALL!

Every month the amazing admin team of Hella Holo Customs (HHC), Aubrey Lacaillade and Dawn Borden, welcome 2 guest makers to create group custom polishes inspired and named by group members.¬†Photos and names are submitted and voted on by HHC memebers…see, group membership does have its perks! And the only way to score these polishes is if you join the Facebook group (links below).

This month I had the privilege to work along side some very talented swatchers and bloggers for the August 2017 polishes. They included guest blogger, Jen Carter, Lacquester swatchers Nova Masha, Naemi Benigna and Eliane Putzschel and of course HHC’s house swatchers, Nicole Perez and Gretchen Kushner.

So, please help me welcome Hella Holo Custom August makers, KBShimmer and Laquester!!

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