News You Can Use: Women of Color Swatchers and Bloggers – Part II

We did it again, we scoured the interwebs for more Women of Color (WOC) swatchers and bloggers. Last year, in Part I of Women of Color Swatchers and Bloggers, we featured multiple WOC from all races, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds to assist makers in their efforts to present their beautiful creations of polish on a vast array of skin colors and shades. To date, that post is and has been my highest viewed post with over 800 views. So I thank all of you for helping to get the word out about these amazing ladies!


Here are more talented swatchers and/or bloggers who are willing and ready. If you’re not a maker, be sure to show them some love with a like, follow or comments on their social media platforms.

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News You Can Use: Women of Color Indie Polish Makers

Back in June, I was asked by a friend of mine, Tanya aka Tanyatopia_too on IG, if I had a list or post of Women of Color (WOC) indie nail polish makers and sadly, I replied, “no”. When I started my blog in June of 2016, I had a post that focused on WOC swatchers/b(v)loggers because I felt there was a need for us in the indie nail polish community. My intention was always to feature WOC nail polish makers too, but it never got off the ground until now because ….life, ya know.

WOC encompasses all shades of #browngirlmagic and this post is not to exclude a race but to honor and share the spotlight with all ethnicities and races, because let’s face it, beauty is like nail polish we all come in different, shades and finishes

So here we are, and after doing my research and scouring IG, FB and the interwebs for every search term and hashtag known to man, I send out 30+ emails to WOC indie polish makers. I am excited to highlight those who responded back. Below you will read about a few amazing WOC indie polish brands, who they are and what makes them so different.


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