Polish Box: Indies Outside the Box: Fan-tastic Customs


Hello? Summer? Where did you go? I seemed to have misplaced summer you and I want you back. One minute my kids were just getting out of school and now I’m planning a birthday party for my youngest who will be 6 on the 17th and trying to find time to go back to school shopping. Luckily, the school system pushed back the first day of school until after Labor Day so that means I have 5 short weeks to hopefully find a day to spend at the beach. Let’s face it, a summer break without a beach trip is no summer at all.

I am excited about this school year though. With the pending move, I have changed my girls school so they wouldn’t have to once we moved. So they will be meeting new friends, teachers and a new school. They are looking forward to back to school night when we’ll be able to go in and tour the school before the first day. As for my son, he starts high school!! #insertwaterworkshere! I didn’t think the day would come so soon that I would be uttering those words. But it’s true, we have a highschooler folks.

But enough about me, let’s get to the polish. There’s something special when 4 makers work together to produce an amazing collab of polishes. Indies Outside the Box (IOTB): Fan-tastic Customs includes polishes from Polish M, Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Top Shelf Lacquer and Fair Maiden and with brands like these you can bet your bottom dollar that we are in for a treat!

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