Swatch & Review: Tonic Nail Polish – Unicorn Pee Collection


Oh Em Gee, UNICORN 🦄 PEE!! I don’t think there is a better way to start a day, than with those 2 magical words! I mean, seriously? UNICORN PEE? Are you kidding me? For those not familiar with this special pigment, affectionately referred to as “Unicorn Pee”, the nail polish community gave it this name because of its beauty and rarity.

This highly sought after pigment was rumored to be no longer available and discontinued for years but then FB fan group admin and great friend, Chris Burnes scoured the earth high and low to find a few bottles of this pigment. She a hero!!! That, coupled with Lindsey’s undeniable talent, has given us a 6 piece collection that if I had to guess, will be one of Lindsey’s bestsellers!!

This is a limited release!! Let me say that again, LIMITED RELEASE! So that means get your ninja fingers ready and set your alarms because once these colors sell out, they’re gone for good!! It is because of this, it is requested that customers only order one bottle of each color per person for the initial release. IF bottles are still available after the first 48 hours we will open the sale up for multiples!

Ok, I know you’re all here for the swatches so lets stop stalling and take a look 👀!

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