Polish Box: Indie-Galactic Box 2.0


*announcer voice comes over the load speaker 🔊 “Welcome aboard the Indieship 2.0! This far out, galactic voyage is scheduled to take you on 5 different and exciting journeys.”

“Before we take off, be sure to have your ticket ready and your flight guide, Queen of Nails 83, will be around to check you in. If you need any refreshments during your trip, press the red button on the arm rest and someone will be right with you to take your order.”

“Now that the housekeeping items are out of the way, we want to remind you that what you’re about to see and experience may cause heart palpitations, dry mouth, blurred vision, perspiration and lightheadedness. We advise that you are seated at all times during this ride and have a pen, paper and alarm ready because you won’t want to miss anything!”
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