Up Close & Personal with Amanda Scribner of Native War Paint


Name: Amanda Scribner

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Birthday: July 30th, 1984

Favorite sport to play? Or wish you could play?

I used to play softball when I was young and I really enjoyed it. I’m trying to talk Brian into joining a Co-ed league next summer.

Secret guilty pleasure?

I don’t think I have one. I don’t have to hide the things I want or want to do from those around me. Lularoe or indie beauty products maybe but even then, Brian knows I buy a ton of it so its not really a secret. Yeah, I don’t think I have one.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Hmm, I think it would be beauty products that I can’t use right now because I’m pregnant. I want to try one of those face mask things and that baby foot thing but I don’t want to use them right now since I’m pregnant. I also can’t use my indie perfumes and bath stuff.

What website do you visit most often?

Probably Amazon or Facebook.

What are your top 3 favorite things to do? (Outside of making polish and filling orders…lol)

Online Shopping, Eating yummy food, Watching TV

When and why did you decide to start a nail polish line?

I started researching in 2012 and after I had our youngest son in 2013, I asked Brian if I could stay home and make nail polish. I wanted to be able to be home with my family and I especially didn’t want to miss out on milestones with my new son like I had when my other kids were babies and I was working full time. I gave Brian a break down of costs and what I thought I could make each month. I had expected him to say no, that we needed the income from my full time job but surprisingly he said to go for it and he would rather have me at home doing something I love than working at job I hated plus we would be saving a ton on daycare. Native War Paints opened in March 2014. I kick myself for not asking him when I first started my research.

What makes your brand different?

We specialize in shimmers and watermarble polishes. I’m creative and operations and Brian is sales and marketing. We have specific jobs that are based on our strengths. I’m not sure there are many brands out there that have the same dynamic. It really helps make everything run smoothly.

What is one thing you’re willing to share that your customers would be surprised to know about you?

I have THOUSANDS of bottles of nail polish yet, I almost never paint my nails. I’ve always mixing and testing to I rarely get to use my collection.

What advice/tips/best practices would you give someone wanting to start their own polish company?

Do your research and just go for it. I would have been a year further along with the business had I just brought it up to Brian when I first started considering it.

Besides your own, what other brands do you own/wear?

Hmmm, I own tons from several brands. I started purchasing indie polish in 2011. Pretty and Polished was my first purchase and I’ve never stopped buying. I have amassed huge collections from several brands over the years. Lately I buy a lot of Nvr Enuff and Nine Zero. I still buy all the Enchanteds I can get my hands on. Actually most every beauty product I use is from an indie brand. I have tons of indie make up and bath and body too.

What is one of you favorite collections or polishes you created?

My Favorite Sweater is my favorite polish and has been since I first came out in our fall collection in 2014. It has the most beautiful contrasting shimmer. Its teal with gold shimmer. It’s the polish that put us on the map.

How did you come up with your company name and logo?

I’m Native American, Pokagon Band Potawatomi. I grew up in a traditional Native American household. I grew up going to powwows, sing and dancing, making various Native Arts, volunteering for various events for my community and was part of tons of Native youth groups. I was a princess, Miss Potawatomi Nation 1999-2000. My family is well known in the Native community for making black ash baskets. When I was in my teens, my dad would often see my make up and think it was too over the top. I used a lot of eyeshadow and glitter (I still do) but my dad thought it was too much so he would tell me to “Go wash off that war paint.” I took my love of my culture and my love of beauty products and what my dad always said to me to come up with the name, Native War Paints.

If you weren’t in the indie polish business, what’s another product you would have liked to create?

Indie makeup. We have dabbled in it and it pretty time consuming so I don’t sell it currently but I have plans to bring it back in the future.

Any spoilers that you care to share about future collections, products, etc?

We will have a new shimmer collection for fall and there will be a new TWD collection coming out as well. And come see us at Polish Con Chicago in September!

What do you love most about being an indie polish maker?

Having the ability to make my own hours and spending time with my family while having a job I love, creating little bottles of art that make other people feel pretty.

What other brand (just 1) would you like to collaborate with?

Hmm, we are part of the monthly Shimmer Me Box with Colors by Llarowe, Tux and a monthly guest. We have a lot of brands lined up for the upcoming months that I’ve wanted to work with for a while now.

Favorite nail art technique?

Watermarbling! Its such a cool technique.

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