Swatch & Review: Sassy Sauce Polish Pt 3 of 3


Ahhhh…. I see you are brave and eager grasshopper. You have come back to see what else Carrie of Sassy Sauce Polish has in store. Well, I’m glad you did.

The fireworks may have ended last night, but I have more exciting and awesome polishes to show you today. While I featured the polishes in no specific order, you have to admit, they are all show stopping thus far and I’m sure by now you’ve got a list going of your must haves. Before we get into the remaining 8 polishes, let’s do a quick recap.

On Monday, in Part 1, I briefly introduced  you to this new brand hitting the indie nail polish scene, Sassy Sauce Polish created by Carrie Duffy. That post featured 7 phenomenal, diverse polishes with exceptional quality.

Tuesday, I showed you 7 MORE glorious polishes in Part 2 and today we are keeping the party rolling with an amazing finale. So you see, the moral of the story is, you need Sassy Saucy Polish in your life!

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Sassy Sauce Topcoat by Sassy Sauce (shiny) and Matte topcoat by Jior couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Irrational Gold Digger

A neon orange jelly base with gold flakies, gold and gold holo glitter

Bitter Break Up

A black jelly base with red glitter

Hybird Grouch (LE)

A neon green crelly with gold flakies and neon glitter

Sea Wishes

A turquoise crelly base with holo blue and purple glitter also gold and caramel glitter

Steel Holo Stiletto

A medium grey base with holo glitter

Saddle up

A horse saddle brown with gold flakies

Charming Wench

A bright pinkish purple crelly base with bright pink and copper glitter

Giltzie Pleasure

A coral color with gold and purple shift, and purple holographic glitter

Overall Thoughts – Sassy Sauce Polish Pt 3

Formula / Application: seriously, if you haven’t guessed by now, great formula and application w/ no issues to report.

Opacity: swatches shown in 3 coats

Price: $8.50 each

Availability: July 15th at 11am CST

Overall: Irrational Gold Digger is so much brighter and prettier in person. All of the polishes being released are well worth the price tag and if you order $30, you get free shipping. That’s 4 polishes and let’s be honest, you know you know you want all of them!

Don’t forget to click the YouTube link below to check out these swatches on my new YouTube channel. Thanks for tuning in!

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12 thoughts on “Swatch & Review: Sassy Sauce Polish Pt 3 of 3

  1. Oh my gosh! Each one I scrolled by I was like “This one is my favourite!” “No, THIS one is my favourite!” “No, it’s THIS one!!” Haha πŸ™‚


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