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Name: Sylv VonD
Location: New England Area 


If so, how many? 2 little girls 3.5 and 1.5

Marital Status?

Married, IG friends refer to my hubby as Mr. Chuckles … he loves puns.


December 13th Sagittarius

Pets? If so, types and how many?

No pets, kids are enough, hahaha.

Beach or mountains?

New Englander..I adore both but just a smidge more of a beach person. I grew up summering on Cape Cod and it’s just part of my soul ♡

Comedy movie or suspense?

Suspense all the way! I not only have tattoos all over that refer to Stephen King but I also have the shilouette of the king of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock on my wrist.

Last time you laughed out loud?

Less than an hour ago. My girls are complete nut balls, so sweet and always making me laugh ♡

Favorite tv show?

Ohhh, this is so hard! I adored Revenge, it was well done the entire show and ended perfectly, I’ve never been able to say that about any other show. I enjoy watching GMM on YouTube as well as cooking shows on TV

Favorite holiday?

Halloween, Hands down! I look forward to it all year, I enjoy thinking and designing a costume, and seeing all the munchkins in their costumes on sugar highs. Best day ever.

Name one thing you can’t live without?

I assume this refers to an object as opposed to my family or friends or necessities like my glasses hahaha! If that’s the case I would have to say my paintbrush or my camera.. I just love capturing moments in time and they both help me do that ♡

What got you started doing your nails?

Wrist issues! I used to paint full canvas art, mixed media, bending jewelery wire to make chain link fences just for the background of canvas kinda art.. all that large movement and long work would murder my tendons and wrists and I just didn’t have the space or wrists to continue so I moved onto smaller canvases, and it’s so satisfying to save them on swatchsticks or Peel off basecoat and not have them take up as much room as full canvases.

What was the first brand you swatched for?

Becky from Hologlam Decals started sending me samples to try with my orders and things kinda snowballed so when Lisette of Inspurrrations Nail Polish mentioned her “Whole Shebang” deal of over 50 colors I jumped on it with the promise of dedicating a character or nailart to each color. I adore them both with all my heart and they’re both very close friends.

What is your favorite nail care product?

Shoutout to Misty from Lilly Anne’s Garden, holy moly do I use her products! I have her hand scrub at every single sink in the house, this is probably my all time favorite hand and nail care product in one! You can’t go in my purse or a single drawer of my helmer without finding at least 4 LAG’s a sickness hahah!

What kind of camera do you use to take your swatch photos?

Just my phone! I have an Android Galaxy S7 it has plenty of settings, filters and bells and whistles so I can get the color of the polish as I’m seeing it in real life. I don’t care much about my hands look as long as I’m displaying the color as true to life as possible!

What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher?

Don’t do it? Lol! Kidding… it’s cutthroat though! Love it! Have great lighting a real camera, unlike me, and remember it’s about the color and not your design.

How did you come up with your ‘nail name’?

I’ve held my handle for about 7 years on Twitter with my lovely 15 followers. I decided last August to give instagram a try and just continued with the same name. It’s a combination of nailart, me being an Archie Comics fan, and holic, meaning I’m addicted.. haha. Definitely belong in nailart anonymous

If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?

I am pretty dedicated to @inspurrrationsnailpolish but I adore @dollishpolishlacquer I’d probably combine the methods of both and have “Archie Polish” and the names of my polishes would be Movie or TV related like I’ve always said I’d have a Princess Bride polish called “Indigo Montoya”

Who are some other swatchers and/blogs you follow?

I adore @mrs.miscostello ‘s swatches and once I am done househunting and set up an office I hope to do video swatches as beautiful and effortlessly as Misty. @ribbitsnailsnpuppytales Kristy has some beautiful swatches as well. I like to think my nailart sets me apart from other swatchers, but their application is always flawless.

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