Swatch & Review: Dainty Digits – Rainbow Sorbet Delight Collection (2017 REVAMP) and Tropic of Cancer





Is it Friday yet? No? Geesh….this week is moving at a snails pace. But I guess I shouldn’t complain as this weekend looks like another busy one. And did I mention that Friday is the last day of school? That means 3 months home with my kids because summer camps are so darn expensive. But I have a bunch on fun things for my girls to do to keep them busy and learning (shhhhh) at the same time. Things like science projects, math games, social studies activities and at some point I’ll throw in some reading and language arts. But I know it’s summer break, so I’ll keep it exciting, I don’t want them sitting around watching tv during the day…I mean I still have to work so they’ll need something to keep them busy.

As for my son, he’s getting to experience the life of a college student for a week and has basketball to keep him busy. We were hoping to get him a summer job but these crazy labor law limit him from working at 14…lol, like really?! Do I guess it’s back to dog walking for him.

But alas, let’s get to today’s swatches. New to the blog I have Dainty Digits Polish. As a licensed nail tech from Memphis, TN, Anetress began creating polishes on a quest for holos in 2013. What started as a hobby, frankening polishes turned into a business for her and more gorgeous polish for us nail addicts to love. Anetress and I have been Facebook friends for awhile but I had never tested the waters with her polishes, so to speak. But all that has and will change after today. 

Today I have the entire Rainbow Sorbet Delight Collection, Tropic of Cancer and a video of a little added treat. Let’s take a look 👀!

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Tonic Topper by Tonic (shiny) and Matte Me topcoat by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Rainbow Sorbet Delight Collection (2017 REVAMP)

($72 set and $9 individual)

Strawberry DeLite (pink) – Strawberry scented

 Papaya Punch (peachy-orange-red) – pineapple/peach scented fusion 

Tangerine Dreamsicle (bright orange) – tangerine/dreamsicle scented fusion 

Banana Cream POW*- (neon yellow creme) – banana scented

 Lemonade Sorbet (light yellow creme) rainbow sherbet scented

Starfruit Gelato (creamy light green) – fruity rings/candied apple scented fusion

Huckleberry Parfait (creamy blue) blackberry fizz/blueberry cheesecake scented fusion

Berry Berry Punch (lavender) blackberry fizz scented


Tropic of Cancer – a ruby red holo ($11)

Tree Hugger (not shown), is the newest edition to DDP! It’s a water-based top coat that’s perfect for chrome powder art, foils AND the environment! Non-toxic/Vegan/7+ Free! I was able to pick it up as well and test it in a live video on my Facebook page. You can check it out here and be sure to pick it up on the DDP site for $8.

Overall Thoughts

Formula / Application: gorgeous neon pastel cremes and sinfully delicious holo. No issues to report.

Opacity: 3 coats (no whites undies)

Availability: Current

Overall: You may be saying to yourself, “Krystal didn’t do any nail art with the crèmes?” Well I have 2 reasons! First, because you all know I love crèmes and as gorgeous as these are, I know that any nail art or designs will only enhance their beauty. Secondly, I’m going LIVE on my Facebook page to put this polishes to the ultimate test…… WATERMARBLING!! Tune in this Friday, June 9th at 4pm et to see how they do.

Don’t forget to click the YouTube link below to check out these swatches on my new YouTube channel. Thanks for tuning in!

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7 thoughts on “Swatch & Review: Dainty Digits – Rainbow Sorbet Delight Collection (2017 REVAMP) and Tropic of Cancer

  1. Great swatches! I love pastel neons, but don’t like them on myself! Starfruit gelato has to be my favourite here. I love how you mattified the red holo; I never use matte top coat on holos but I now I think I’ll try!


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