Center Stage with Crystal Jones of Seriously Lacqueing 

Name: Crystal Jones
Age: 28
Location: Rolla, Missouri


What TV show best represents your life?

I think a mix of Friends and Gilmore Girls.

Ideal way to spend 3 day weekend?

During this time of year probably gardening, at the pool or the river, and just relaxing with my boyfriend and kiddo.

What period of time would you go back to if you could?

The Roaring Twenties – I could definitely pull off being a goofy fun flapper.

Coffee or tea?


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Bouncy, Creative, Fun

How many hours per day do you spend on social media?

Maybe 1-2 total, I usually check it during morning and the evening and only at other times if I have a notification that requires a response.

What can you not get right, no matter how many times you try?

Free handing any kind of straight line. It looks like a drunk chipmunk drew on a nail with sharpie.

What are 3 of your strengths?

I’m motivated and kind of a perfectionist so is that two, if so then I’m also very loyal and if it is only one then I’m headstrong as hell.

Favorite 90s song and/or artist:

Helena by My Chemical Romance

How did you get started doing your nails?

I actually got started after getting a manicure and pedicure and it costing over $100 it was frustrating, chipped after only a couple days, and the color selection sucked. I ended up starting off by buying some OPI at Wal-Mart then by joining nail groups on Facebook and stuff got into nail art and learned about indie brands and vinyls, and stamping, and all this amazing stuff that you could do on your own and be so much more creative than a salon anyday.

What was the first brand you swatched for?

I don’t actually swatch for any brands right now I just got started around 6 months ago swatching and doing YouTube and IG, but the first thing I swatched on my own was a new collection from ILNP, and then the Colors by Llarowe Fall/Winter, and so on and so forth to all the ones I buy and swatch. I’d like to swatch for some of my favorite brands someday but there are always so many other amazing people out there too wanting to swatch, it’s intimidating sometimes.

What is your ‘go to’ cuticle oil?

My go to is Bliss Kiss Simply Pure used in combination with Vapid Nail Sauce in the Pegasus Poots scent.

You’re going on vacation for 2 weeks and can only take 3 bottles of polish ( not including base or top coat). What do you take?

Oh no, only 3, are you sure we can’t like negotiate that, this is like a hostage situation! But definitely XO by ILNP, and Tell Me About It, Stud from Glam Polish, and Berries in the Snow by Colors by Llarowe.

What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher?

Just keep practicing, if you go back on my Instagram all the way to the beginning you can see me own progression from sort of half okay cell phone pictures to badly posed, short horribly shaped nails and poses, up to where I am now. If it makes you happy then keep doing it, always do what makes you happy.

What’s one nail related item you can’t live without?

Nail art related would be vinyls, and nail in general related would probably be cuticle oil/nail sauce.

If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?

Probably Seriously Lacqueing because I don’t have too many strokes of genius for naming things, and the first collection would likely be based on either my favorite songs or television shows.

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