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Happy Monday, back to the drawing board…sigh. My kids, yes all 3, are off from school today for President’s Day AND tomorrow for ‘Professional Development Day’…whatever that means. Like they need another day off, to sit home and fuss and argue and eat. My goodness, that 14yo of mine eats and drinks everything in sight. And the 2 girls…don’t even get me started. So pray for me today and tomorrow that I make it through alive. If you don’t see a post from me on Wednesday, please send help.

Today I have swatches for you from a brand sorta, kinda new to the the Queendom, Alter Ego. You may remember this brand from Rachel’s Rainbow Box, November and January MAPB, if not, be sure to take a look. Cynthia Decker, maker and creator of Alter Ego sent me 3 polishes to swatch and review and I’m pleased as pie to have them for you today. You’ll notice, ‘From the Maker’ notes for each polish and their description, I decided to include them to help set a visual.


**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and Tonic Topper by Tonic (shiny) and Matte Me by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Barrel Setter

From the Maker: “Anybody I know that lives in an area that has a true four seasons doesn’t refer to them any way but winter & road work time! One has to admire Barrel Setters, I’ve gotten stuck in traffic jams & watched them putting out the barrels…it’s a thankless job but someone’s gotta do it 🙂 Brilliant orange base with iridescent glitter.”

L: 4 coats w/o white base coat and R: 2 coats with white base coat

Girly Girl

From the Maker: “Oooohhh…you can’t help but notice this vivid, vibrant, lively Girly Girl wherever you go, she always stand out in a crowd! Brilliant pink shimmer with sparkly lighter pink & barely there light blue accent glitters.”

L: 3 coats w/o white base coat and R: 2 coats with white base coat

Trusty Rusty

From the Maker: “Hubby’s riding lawn mower is OLD! We don’t know how many owners the ol’ gal has had but she must have been well maintained. He has had her several years now and while she sometimes coughs upon starting she is still his Trusty Rusty 🙂 We count on her to not only mow the grass but move firewood and if he does it right, move his lil fishing canoe too! This rust colored base has metallic brown, metallic black & holographic silver glitter.”

Overall Thoughts

Formula: Barrel and Girly are a bit on the sheer side, very jelly, but intended to be that way. Because I prefer NVL, I would definitely use them with a white base. 

Application: easy to apply however, if not using a white base and applying multiple layers, dry time is prolonged.

Opacity: without white base swatches show in 3-4 thin coats. With white base, 2 easy thin coats

Price: $9 (17 ml) and $4.50 (8.5 ml) 

Availability: current

Overall: Well you all know that pink is my favorite color so Girly Girl was my favorite of the 3. Not saying I didn’t like Barrel Setter and Trusty Dusty, because I did. Barrel Setter, especially with black nail art, gave me a Tony the Tiger feel and Trusty Dusty made me miss the fall season that we here in MD skipped over. I can definitely see me using the orange and pink with the yellow from Rachel’s Rainbow Bow for a gradient.

Not only does Alter Ego sell polish, they also offer body care products including soap and lotion and wax tarts. Be sure to check out the online store to score these polishes and more goodies!

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