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Happy FriYAY!! Anybody else looking forward to the weekend? I am!!! This weekend is full of fun and family…just the way I like it. My father-in-law’s birthday was the 7th, same as my dad, and we are all going to dinner to celebrate. And by all I mean all of his 7 children and their families, it’s sure to be…..amusing. Sunday, is cousins day and we’re taking the kids to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline activity center. Please pray, send good vibes, whatever you do so we all come home in one piece…lol.

Enough about me, lets get into todays guest. Samantha Hickernell is her name and vlogging is her game! But you might know her better had Sam H Nails on YT and IG. With almost 800 subscribers on her YT channel and over 14k followers on IG, Samantha is proving that she is a force to reckon with. Samantha and I were “introduced” to each other on FB as we both swatch the Monthly Awareness Polish Box (MAPB). From there, I followed her on IG and started watching her very entertaining, yet informative YT videos and now I feel like we are old friends.

So let’s see check out what’s up with Samantha and how she got started.

Name: Samantha Hickernell 
Age: 28
Location: Northern California 

Kids? If so, how many?
I do, and I have three. They’re 10.5, 6.5, and just turned 3. 

Marital Status?
Married for 8.5 years

July 1st

Pets? If so, types and how many?
We have a dog. She’s a golden retriever named Molly. We got her right after we got married and she’s a spoiled rotten, pain in the butt, extraordinarily loved, world traveling, fatty. Lol

Best Vacation Taken?
Spring break 2015, Dublin Ireland 

Beach or Pool?

Best character trait
I am an incredibly giving soul. I’ll give you the food off my plate if you need it. 

Favorite past memory?
Way too many to list. But I’ll be cliché and say our wedding day and the birth of our children.

Favorite food

Movie night at home or theater
At home, all of us piled up on our bed.

Favorite season

What got you started doing your nails?
When my husband and I moved to Italy their prices for a simple mani/pedi were outrageous. I couldn’t justify the money so I started painting them myself. I into nail art about 4 years ago. My best friend has flawless nails and she started doing mine when I was too pregnant to reach my toes. As I was watching her do them, I thought, “I can do that!” And she sent me to Robin Moses on YouTube and I haven’t looked back. 

What was the first brand you swatched for?
All Mixed UP Lacquers and LJ is still one of my favorite indies out there 

What is your ‘go to’ cuticle oil?
LillyAnnesGarden cuticle oil in any scent. It’s the best on the market.

Do you have swatch/mani routines?
Uhm, sort of. I need to put myself on a painting schedule to make life easier, but currently I have a box that I place my swatch mail in, in order of when it arrived/release dates. And I just work my way through it. After the official swatches are done they go in another “to use” box. I try to do as much nail art with them as possible before putting them all away and starting on the next batch.

What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher/blogger/vlogger?
Do NOT compare yourself to the people around you, ever. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself – if you can beat you out, then you’ve accomplished something great and will continue to get better and better and better. Social media can be an awful place to be, you get so wrapped up in your numbers, you let the hate bring you down, and then you forget why your originally started. make sure you’re doing this for YOU, because painting is something that brings you joy, and you’ll never go wrong. 

What’s one nail related item you can’t live without?
LillyAnnesGarden cuticle care products 

If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?
I’ll never start my own line – mixing pigments to create a color is just something my non-artistic mind can grasp. With that said, I’m currently working on something, so keep your peepers peeled. I will say that it’s inspired by a soon to be released Disney movie, and the entire collection was brought about by 3 fantastic, flakie loving, fanatics. It’s going to be amazing!

For those of you who may not know, Center Stage is the old Swatcher Spotlight. I had to change it up a bit as this series doesn’t only focus on swatchers but bloggers and vloggers as well. If you or someone you know is a swatcher, blogger or vlogger and should be Center Stage, leave a comment down below. Have a great weekend, see ya’ Monday! 

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