The Queens Critique: Twinkle T – Glamour Mat

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Good Morning, I hope all is well. It’s FriYAY, so there’s the silver lining. Today I have a review of a product that I am absolutely in love with. I’m talking about my Glamour Mat from Twinkle T. Previously, I was using a mat from another company and…well… let’s just say it didn’t stand a chance against Dallas, our beagle-hound mix fur baby. He decided to used my mat as a chew toy (insert sad face here), guess he wasn’t happy with it either…lol. But that was all the excuse I needed to shop and shopping is what I do best. This time, I decided to ask around for recommendations and finally decided to invest in the Glamour Mat.

I ordered my mat on Dec. 21st and between then and now, I’ve really put my mat to the test, here are the pros and cons I discovered.

*Pro: The mat is thick and extremely durable.
*Pro: Doesn’t slip and slide.
*Pro: Easy to clean up. Polish and paint remove with acetone.
*Pro: Large work area
*Pro: Made of silicone making for easy storage

  • Indented Holes: 13 ‘holes’ to hold polish or acrylic paint.
  • Acetone/Water Cup: a collapsible cup to fill with acetone for easy mani cleanup or water for watermarble.
  • Nails & Boxes: to use for creating decals

*Con: Staining is possible. You’ll see in the photo below a small pink stain of polish on the right-hand side 

Overall Thoughts

*Mat Measurements: Approx. 12 in x 16 in
*Price: $21.99
*Availability: Current
*Savings/Discount Code: USE CODE SAVE10 FOR 10% OFF! (this is a store discount!!)
*Overall: worth every penny!! This mat is the perfect nail art station. Where else can you can create, practice, design, watermarble, swatch and more all in the same place? 

That will do it for me today. Do you use a nail mat to create your masterpieces? Let me know in the comments below.

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