Center Stage: Megan Glazer of Mindfully Polished

***Interview Disclosure****

Welcome back! 2017 is shaping up to be super exciting and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know its only day 13 but I’ve got my sights set high. My Swatcher Spotlight series had a little bit of a makeover if you will. Still the same great content with amazing guests,  but as you can see I’ve changed the name to allow for all the diverse platforms being used to bring the nail polish world to the forefront. I thought long and hard because I wanted something that captured swatcher, blogger, vlogger, etc, all in one title. And so here you have Center Stage!

Today we are Center Stage with Megan Glazer of Mindfully Polished.

Megan Glazer
Age: 24
Baltimore, Maryland 

Kids? If so, how many? None
Marital Status? Single 
Birthday: July 4th
Pets? If so, types and how many? One dog, a Shetland sheepdog!

Do/did you make any New Years resolutions?
I’m trying to be more organized, and live a more healthy lifestyle. 

Favorite holiday and why?
Independence Day; it’s my birthday! 

Sweatpants or Jeans?

Would you rather go forward or back in time? 

Describe yourself in 3 words: 
Loyal, compassionate, and sassy 

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done and would you do it again? 
I went to Chicago by myself for Polish Con. I would totally do it again! 

If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?
I prefer to be left alone. 

How did you get started doing your nails?
I used to HATE nail polish! But, one day, I decided to try some of the printed Sally Hansen manicure strips. I instantly fell in love, and fell down the polish rabbit hole! 

What was the first brand you swatched/blogged for?
Pretty and Polished 

What is your ‘go to’ cuticle oil?
DIFFERENT dimension. I love the pens and formula, and adore all of Missi’s scents! 

You’re going on vacation for 2 weeks and can only take 3 bottles of polish (not including base or top coat). What do you take?
Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking, Ever After Polish Bite Me, and DIFFERENT dimension Montego Red. 

What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher/blogger?
Do not get discouraged!! You blog for YOUR love of polish, not for the affirmation of others! While receiving samples and swatch packages is an amazing opportunity, being able to share your passion for polish with others is the ultimate reward. Don’t lose your love by thinking that you have to compete with others. 

What’s one nail related item you can’t live without?
Cuticle oil.

If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?
I would name it after my blog, Mindfully Polished. I have two psych degrees, and would love for a brand to be named after something psychological! My first collection would be inspired by Jason Derulo songs, because he is my favorite artist. 

Be sure to check Megan out here: Instagram / Blog / Facebook Page


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