The Queen’s Critique: It Girl Nail Art

***PRESS (PR) SAMPLE NOTICE: This post contains polishes that were sent to me for free from the company/brand in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own and based on my experiences. For additional info regarding PR samples, click here ***

Did I not promise you that this year was full of new surprises? I’m back today with a new series that I am sure you will all love…The Queen Critique. This series will focus on reviews of non-polish nail products. I currently have this series scheduled for once a month, but we’ll see how things go because I have products lined up through July…lol.

First up, starting us off are products from a brand that I’ve eyeballed since their initial release, I’m talking about It Girl Nail Art. This brand was created by Nicole Bivins who will be stopping by later this month for an Up Close and Personal Interview.

Anywho, Nicole was very kind to send me a few products to try out and they are amazing. But don’t take my word for it, let me show you….

***IG 301 and Spearmint Stamping Polish***

Let’s talk stamping for a minute. I was sent IG 301 from the mini series and the saying is so true, “small things, come in big packages.”

This mini plate measures 2.6 x 1.9 inches (6 x 9 cm) and packs a gorgeous punch with well etched images as shown below.

The stamping polish, Spearmint, is a amaze-balls!!! The color is rich, vibrant and perfectly opaque over white and black. 

 ***Lemon Sweet Tea Cuticle Oil***

Holy sweetness!!! I think I have found the holy grail of cuticle oil. Let me try to explain the amazingness that is Lemon Sweet Tea. Literally the day I received my package, I messaged Nicole to tell her how much I love the cuticle oil.

Scent: Thee best!! Lemon Sweet Tea is long-lasting and you can smell the sweet tea with subtle accents of lemon!

Absorption: Quick. This cuticle oil leaves a non-greasy, well hydrated feeling

Applicator: glass tube w/ metal roller baller. Perfect for on-the-go application

Overall Thoughts

Price: varies

Overall: I will definitely be adding more of everything to my collection. More plates, stamping polish and Lemon Sweet Tea. I love the full plate image and how well etched it is, making for easy pick up and transfer. As for the cuticle oil, I’ve used this oil since receiving it and I have noticed that the small cut on my right index finger cuticle has completely healed and the overall health and appearance of my cuticles and nails is much better. I’m not sure if I’ll ever try another scent honestly, because I’m currently obsessed with Lemon Sweet Tea.

Who’s tried It Girl Nail Art before, what do you recommend I try next? If you haven’t tried this brand but want to, what’s on your wishlist? 

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