Year in Review

Wow, it’s been such an amazing year!! 2016 has presented so many new opportunities and experience for me and Queen of Nails 83 and I am overwhelmed and beyond joyed.

Honestly, I started this year you’re not really knowing what direction I wanted to take my passion, but I knew I had to do something with it. I didn’t know if I wanted to a) go to school and become a nail tech, b) pursue making polish or c) swatch all my untrieds and learn new nail techniques. School and polish making are huge financial and physical commitments and as I thought about me and my family, I realized school would take me away from my family Monday-Friday from 5pm-9pm for 12 weeks, that was not convenient of our hectic schedule. Polish making is really fun and creative and I thought it would be something we could do as a family, but again, I realized I am a waaayyyy better customer…lol. So that left me with swatching. I was destined to swatch all my pretties and use IG and FB as a journal to log my experiences; the good, bad and ugly. 

Fast forward to April when I got my first swatching opportunity and from there I’ve been blessed to work with some of best indie makers in the biz. At this point, I was just using IG and Facebook until 3 different people, on 3 different occasions mentioned that I should start a blog. I guess in a way I was doing it on IG/FB but it was time I start on a larger platform. I’d be lying to say I wasn’t nervous and filled with self-doubt but as I looked into it, researched, followed all kinds of blogs and asked questions, I realized that even if no one ever read my blog, this was something I wanted to do…for me!

I’m so excited to say that today marks my 101st blog post and because of you I have over 10k views and close to 60 followers in just 6 shorts months. But outside of the stats, I have built amazing relationships and friendships that I cherish. It’s been a humbling experience to say the lest and I’m so super pumped for 2017 and what it has in store.

Speaking of 2017, here’s what you can expect!

I’m currently working on some behind the scenes updates that will hopefully make finding and enjoying my blog easier. I’ve also got some cosmetic changes in the works to spice things up a bit. Of course giveaways are on the list because they are so fun and I love them. Finally, multiple series will be getting an overhaul including adding some new and exciting ones and changing the names of others. Be sure to check out the posting schedule next year…lol. It’s gonna be fun and I hope you join me for the ride!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and hope you all have a marvelous New Year!

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