Special Edition Interview: Jason Moore

You may be sitting there like who is Jason Moore? So let me address that right now. He is my best friend, my amazing, better half, simply put, he’s my husband. If you’re a reader of my blog, a friend on Facebook or a follower on Insagram, them I’m sure you’ve read or seen his name or nails along the way. During my journey of doing my own natural nails at home vs going to a salon and now getting into blogging, my husband has supported and encouraged me and even been the test dummy for many new, but failed nail techniques trials. 

Seeing as though November marks my 2 year anniversary of #nomoresalons, I thought it only befitting to Spotlight my one and only. Please help me give him a warm welcome!!

Name: Jason Moore
Location: Frederick, MD
Birthday: July 29

As you may have imagined, I couldn’t ask him the same type of questions that I’d ask a Swatcher/blogger but I’m sure you’ll find the answers to what I did ask, funny and interesting. Here’s goes nothing…

Q: Name 5 indie brands I own
A: The Parrot one, Anonymous Lacquer, Vapid and Toxic

Q: Do you mean Tonic?
A: Yes, the ones by Lindsey
Hahaha, I have many, many more than that but he could only name 4. I’m schocked he remembered that many.

Q: To date, how much money have I spend on nail polish?
A: $567.32
I’m not sure how he came up with that number but I can tell you it’s a lot more than that since I’ve been purchasing indies since April of last year! Shhhhh, that will be our little secret.

Q: What 3 things have you learned since I started doing my own nails?
A: 1) similar does not mean the same, 2) everybody has a cuticle (or at least they should) and 3) there is a difference between indie, mainstream/drugstore and salon.

Q: What is the worst part of my nail polish addiction?
A: The fumes
Note to self, get a fan or open a window. I didn’t realize the fumes were that bad because I’m so use to it.

Q: What was the last blog post you read of mine?
A: Indie Maker Interview on Vernita Goodson

Q: What one piece of would you give to other husbands/boyfriends?
A: Just say yes!

Q: Name 3 Polish finishes
A: matte, shimmer and holo
I was very impressed with his answer for that question.

Q: Roughly, how many polishes do I own?
A: 350
I literally lol’d at this answer. Glad he doesn’t count. Or care for that matter.

Q: What color/finish/type of polish do you prefer me to wear?
A: matte, holo, Neon

Q: Name 5 nail art techniques
A: the water thing (watermarble), the sponge thing (gradient), stamping, free hand and the sticker things you hate (vinyls). 

This has to be the best interview I’ve done to date! I had such a good time laying in bed asking him these questions. And I must say, I am in awe at some of his answers…I never knew he paid so much attention when I talk about polish. Trust me when I tell you, that these answers are his and his alone. I love him so much for participating in this interview for me. Do you all see why I love home so much? 

That does it for today everyone. Thanks for joining me here and I hope you come back next time. Have a great weekend!