Press Release: Pretty & Polished – November

Greetings to you on this humpday Wednesday! October and all things Halloween are officially over and part of me wants to be sad. I’m big into Halloween like some but I did enjoy seeing all the fun and creative Halloween manis.  I am excited though about all the new and returning polishes from Pretty & Polished (P&P).

Today’s post is slightly different from those I’ve done in the past because it’s not a S&R but instead a Press Release. Just another creative way to bring you information from a favorite here at Queen of Nails 83. I’m excited to share November updates from and I hope you have your notes pads ready because I’ll be giving you all the juicy details on throwbacks, anniversary polish, winter collection AND Black Friday Sales!!!

First up is…

I Got 5 On It

I Got 5 On It is the 5th Anniversary Nail Polish from P&P. Isn’t it breathtaking?

Next are the…

“Throw-Back” Shades

“Throw-Back” Shades include Tart, Mannequin Hands, Valentino, and DayTrippin’. These throw backs are polishes that were available in the beginning of Pretty & Polished. They will be coming in their old bottles with our old labels. The formula has changed and the look of them has been slightly altered, but they stuck with the original design for each polish as much as possible. 




Mannequin Hands

All 5 of these polishes are available for pre-order now until the 14th. I Got 5 On It is available for $9 and all 4 Throw Back shades will be available for $6.50 each on pre-order. **The Winter Collection will be available starting 11/14 and I  will have a partial S&R in the upcoming weeks of a few polishes from the Winter Collection, so stay tuned for that!!**


*Black Friday Deals and Information*
Just like last year we will be doing a week of
Black Friday deals!

  • Monday, Nov 21st: Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $10
  • *Tuesday, Nov 22nd: 20% off all orders and Free Mani Melt
  • Wednesday, Nov 23rd: Sale on Domestic Beauty Box Subscriptions
  • Thursday, Nov 24th: Free Exclusive Polish with any order over $10
  • Friday, Nov 25th: 35% off SITE WIDE
  • International customers: 20% off all week and 35% off on Friday

That will do it for today’s Press Release. Did anything peek your interest?

Huge shout out to Dianna Setterfield who provided the gorgeous
swatches in todays post. Please be sure to go and check out her 
Blog and follow her on Instagram!

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