November Monthly Awareness Box: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

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Awareness. defines awareness as, “the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness.” The meaning of Aware is, “1) having knowledge; conscious; cognizant, 2) informed; alert; knowledgeable; sophisticated.” It’s time we educate ourselves of the sickness and disease that so many of us deal with. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, “you may not be dealing with an issue first hand, but I guarantee someone you know is.” It’s time we make ourselves aware so that we do everything in our power to help and support.

Did you know that November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month? I didn’t until I was introduced to this Monthly Awareness Box. So I began researching and found, “by far, the most important risk for lung cancer is smoking tobacco. Nearly 87% of all lung cancers in the United States are smoking-related. Quitting smoking helps to reduce that risk.*” I helped reduce my risk at the beginning of 2016!! I quit smoking! It’s be a challenge but by the grace of God, I’ve been able to do it.

Courtney Stemple has created the Monthly Awareness Box (MAB) to help bring not only beautiful polish to the masses but to help bring support and awareness to the diseases that plague our families, communities…our world! Every month the Month Awareness Polish Box will feature 6 makers and sell for $52 + $6.80 shipping. 10% of each box will be donated to a specific charity or cause. This month, the charity is the American Lung Association which has led the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air for more than a century. This inaugural monthly box will feature makers and brands including;

  • Lindsay Johns of Night Owl Lacquer
  • Hillary Wilson of Nail Jewelry Bling
  • Crystal Churchill of POSHlish
  • Carrie Lynn of Darling Diva
  • Virginia Shaw of Pretty Beautiful
  • Cynthia Decker of Alter Egoimg_6590

The November box will go on pre-sale Oct 23rd thru Nov 2nd at noon and start shipping mid month. At this time international orders will not be accepted but that may change in the future.

I have lots to show you and I can’t wait any longer, so let’s get started

**All swatches are done using Commitment Issue Peel-off Base Coat by Vapid and topped with Quick Dry, High Gloss Top Coat by Pro-FX (shiny) and Matter Me by Jior Couture (matte). Swatch photos are taken using artificial lights.**

Got Air?

Got Air is a holo russet colored base with a mix of copper micro flakes and bronze glass fleck pigments. Swatch show with 2 coats.



Beauty in Every Breath

Beauty in Every Breath is a pearl white with 5 different color shimmers. Swatch shown in 1 coat over white base by Kleancolor.




Breathe is a white base with green, orange, bronze, garnet, navy and caramel hex glitters in various sizes. There is also lime/gold and copper galaxy glitters and copper shimmer. Swatch shown in 2 coats.



F%8k Cancer

F%8k Cancer is a medium teal base with pink to gold shimmer color shifting flakes and a sprinkle of holo sparkle. Swatch shown in 3 coats.



One Breath at a Time

One Breath at a Time is a soft sage green pearl with scattered peach holo. Swatch shown in 3 coats.



You’re Stronger Than You Know

You’re Stronger Than You Know is a dark plum with gold shimmer and violet and gold micro flakies. Swatch shown in 2 coats.



Aren’t these colors amazing? And if you already own polishes from these brands, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how amazing the formula of these polishes are. If you don’t own these brands, this box is a great way to get your feet wet.

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Did you know, “Exposure to secondhand smoke also increases the risk of lung cancer. According to the 2006 Surgeon General’s Report on the effects of secondhand smoke, nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke at home or at work increase their risk of developing lung cancer by 20 percent to 30 percent. Secondhand smoke also increases the risk of heart disease and other ailments.*”

I challenge you on this day to do 3 things next month to help raise awareness in the fight against Lung Cancer. Whether it’s changing your FB profile picture or posting 3 facts on your SM acct(s) or donating time or money to the charity of your choice, do something. It’s time we be the change we want to see.

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