Swatcher Spotlight: Ann Marie Lipari

First, the Saints win their very first game over the Chargers on the 2nd and this month alone, I have interviews from 2 Louisiana natives. I really think my trip to the Big Easy is coming sooner than I think, I can just feel it! This months Spotlight is shining bright like a diamond from all the way down in Lafayette, LA on Ann Marie Lipari b.k.a. (better known as) Mani on the Move. I was first introduced to her through the many groups we have in common and all the wonderful swatches and manis I see on her blog and IG.

So, kick your feet up and relax awhile. We have a lot to learn about this young lady, so stay right where you are and check this out.

Name: Ann Marie Lipari
Age 27
Location: Lafayette, LA

Kids? If so, how many?
1 – 7 month old Scottish Terrier that I call my baby. Isn’t she adorable?

Marital Status?
Happily single


Pets? If so, types and how many?
My 7 old Scottish Terrier

Beach or mountains?

Comedy movie or suspense?
Comedy, unless the suspense is something superhero 

Last time you laughed out loud?
Today, my baby discover her tail & was chasing it! It was so cute & funny!

Favorite tv show?
The Big Bang Theory & Supergirl 

Favorite holiday?

Name one thing you can’t live without?
Cell phone

What got you started doing your nails?
My mom & I used to stay up late on the weekends doing each other’s hair & nails. Once I got older I started experimenting with nail art & different trends. Plus I realized that literally before I would buy anything I would read a blog review, so why not start a blog & tell people about the products I’m using.

What was the first brand you swatched for?
Turtle Tootsie Polishes. I was thrilled when Chrissy asked me to swatch her Black Friday duo!

What is your favorite nail care product?
It’s a tie between Julep Be Strong (formerly Nail Therapy) & Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat. 

What kind of camera do you use to take your swatch photos?
It used to be my iPhone 5s but I’ve upgraded my phone so now I use an iPhone 6se.

What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher?
It’s ok to make mistakes, nobody is perfect. And don’t compare yourself to bigger swatchers when you are first starting out, they are started just like you, new to the world of swatching.

How did you come up with your ‘nail name’?
I was originally Manis Makeup & More (for all of 2 days) but I didn’t feel like it was original. After much thought I realized I always had my nails done or was doing them in the car so Mani On The Move was born.

If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?
The collection would be inspired by superheroes but I’m not sure of a name. If there wasn’t a trademark on SuperGirl that would be an awesome indie name!

Who are some other swatchers and/blogs you follow?
Roselynn of Manicured & Marvelous, Kristi of Beginails, Megan of Mindfully Polished, Lisa of Cosmetic Cosmetic Sanctuary, & Lowthen of Manis Mankeup & Nina of Model City Polish are the main ones that I follow.

Thank you so much Ann Marie for hanging out with us today and we look forward to all your upcoming manis!

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