Forget Me Not: Parrot Polish

This past weekend was super busy! Saturday, my family and I welcomed a new addition to the family, our sweet beagle, hound mix, Dallas. He’s 11 weeks of pure cuteness and so far he has fit into our family quite well and we really realized he was what we were missing. But like any mom would tell you, children, 2 or 4 legged, will not/can not stop the show.  Luckily, I had the bulk of Mondays post and this one done, I just had to come and add the finishing touches.

I can’t lie and say these are my first because they are not. My first was Black Magic but ended up destashing because honestly, I didn’t appreciate the beauty that is Parrot Polish. That was then and this is now. Since then, I’ve joined the fan group and have been introduced the David and Sonja’s infamous desk sales. These sales are quick and painless. David does a quick video of polishes he has on his desk, you pm him on FB messenger with your order, you pay and within a the blink of an eye, you have beautiful Parrots to play with.

The 3 I have for you today, literally called my name when I saw them as I happened to be scrolling Facebook one day. Actually, they all did but I was able to show some self control and only get these 3.


Cassie is a beautiful, bright, almost neon pink simmer with scattered holo.


Golden Juicy

Golden Juicy is an orange glitter thermal


 Blue By You 3

Blue By You 3 is an amazingly, vibrant, colbalt blue shimmer.



I am so excited for this series, already I’ve been able to swatch/use 8 polishes. That’s 8 beauties that once sat unused and untried, that now have either been swatched on 4 fingers or worn as a full mani.

Overall, I really love these colors. Parrot Polish is quickly growing on my favorites list and I plan to become a stalker of David’s desk sales and the online store. The formulas and application are easy to work with and the colors and finishes are gorgeous.

What Parrots do you own?

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