Swatcher Spotlight: Kaylyna Ramirez

Hello and happy Friday everyone! This week felt like it flew past, maybe because I was off Monday for Labor Day, but I’m not complaining. If you’ve checked my Post Schedule, you know it’s that time of the month again for another Swatcher Spotlight. This segment can be a little misleading being as though I interview both swatchers and blogger but Swatcher Spotlight has a ring to it..hehehe. Anyway, I know you can hardly contain your excitement and I can’t either because this month I am bringing you a young lady that I have quickly become good friends with, Kaylyna Ramirez aka KillaKays Nail Adventure!

You may be wondering how she got such a unique handle, I did too, but recently it came up in a FB post how names/handles came to be and this is what Kaylyna told us. “I was a bad@$$ growing up. Always getting into trouble so the neighborhood called me Killa Kay as I grew up the name stuck. I think mostly because a lot of the people don’t know how to say my name right. When I really got into nails they would say ‘look at Killa Kay’s nails’ but I like Nail Adventure better. My hubby makes fun of it but I like it. Makes me remember that just because you are a bad kid doesn’t mean you cant grow up.”

Let’s find out more out this lady making big waves in the indie nail community.

photo provided courtesy of Kaylyna Ramirez

Name: Kaylyna Ramirez
Age: 26
Location: Treasure Coast, Florida

Q: Kids? If so, how many?
A: I have two kids. Daniel is 10 and Bella is 8

Q: Marital Status?
A: Good question. I’ve been with Oscar for 8 years now. I feel to old to say boyfriend. Lmao but no paper or ring so not hubby either haha

Q: Birthday?
A: February 27th Pisces Baby!

Q: Pets? If so, types and how many?
A: I have a rescued chihuahua named Mister and a Seal Point Siamese named Buddah they are the best of friends!

Q: Best Vacation Taken?
A: Thats hard. I think when we went to the Florida Keys for a week. We did so much! Went on snorkling excursion and everything. Kids loved it and so did we!

Q: Beach or Pool?
A: Ugh I love the beach but hate sand. Lmao but I’m still going beach. Nothing like the breeze and smell of salt water!

Q: Best character trait:
A: I’m loyal and honest.

Q: Favorite pastime?
A: I’d say reading. I read everything. Lmao and nails of course!

Q: Favorite food?
A: BREAD! and cheese. Ugh love it. So basically pizza with light sauce and extra cheese

Q: Movie night at home or theater:
A: At home snuggled on the couch!

Q: Favorite season?
A: Winter…well winter isn’t much here in Fl…lmao 🙂

Q: What got you started doing your nails?
A: I’ve always painted my nails even as a little girl. My mom use to have a wicker basket filled with polish. I was in heaven.

Q: What was the first brand you swatched for?
Kristen from In the Name of Polish gave me my first polishes to swatch. She is truly an awesome person! And it was when I like had 400 or less followers! On Instagram!

Q: What is your ‘go to’ cuticle oil?
A: Tropical Fusion by In the Name of Polish and I also love Mango Scented Cuticle oil/butter by From the Hands of an Angel

Q: Do you have swatch/mani routines?
A: Nope. I do it whenever I can. Daily. Never sure what time though. Lmao

Q: What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher?
A: Don’t give up. Apply. If you don’t get accepted. Wait a little while and apply again! And always try to improve. No one is perfect. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. You have to remember that an indie brand might not accept you because your lighting is wrong or you don’t have enough followers. Fix that. They run a business and have to have certain standards when choosing swatchers. Don’t give up!

Q: What’s one nail related item you can’t live without?
A: Tropical Fusion Cuticle Oil. I buy multiple from In the Name of Polish at a time lmao

Q: If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?
A: Killa Polish probably. I’ve toyed with the idea just havent commited lmao and it would probably be a little mommy and me collection to be honest. For example. Mommys color would be a deep dark red while baby girls is a soft innocent pink. Lmao i dont know!

FYI…I love the unique idea of a mommy and me nail polish line, it’s just what my daughters and I need. BTW…just in case you were curious as to how to pronounce her name, it’s Kay-lee-nuh…lol and it’s one you’ll want to remember because you will be seeing a lot of her and her beautiful swatches. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kaylyna and will join me back on the 2nd Friday of next month when I’ll feature a new swatcher/blogger. If you or someone you know deserves the spotlight on them, please feel free to leave their name in the comments or contact me on IG, FB or email.

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Disclosure: The questions above were sent to the featured swatcher (FS) for review and response. The FS was advised they could omit responses from any question they were not comfortable with answering. The responses are directly from the FS and have not be altered in any way, shape or form. The comments and responses expressed in this interview are those of the FS and the FS alone.