Nail Mail: August

This post was too good not to share and I am sooo excited about it because sometimes great ideas just pop in my head and I have to act on them quick, mainly because they don’t happen very often….lol. As a self-proclaimed nail addict, I tend to order A LOT of nail polish, plates, brushes, tools, etc (shhhhhh…don’t tell the hubby. I usually smuggle it all in) but as a wife and mother I don’t always have the time to blog about each individual item or order. Here’s where my genius kicks in, I decided to dedicate 1 post a month to show and review as much monthly Nail Mail as possible.

August was kinda slow compared to the shopping damage I’ve done before, probably because I was trying to save money for vacation. Nonetheless, I was able to squeeze in a few purchases and today I’ll be showing you:

  • Moonbow and Prism Drops by pdp
  • Magic Garden XL Stamping Plate, XL plate holder and clear stamper from DRK
  • Ultraviolet Galaxy by Glam Polish (GPF Exclusive)

Shall we begin….

Up first is

Moonbow and Prism Drops
by pipe dream polish







Moonbow is described as a black scattered holo and Prism Drops is a silver scattered holo. Both were made for watermarbling but look great on their own. Lets put that claim to the test.
These polishes spread wonderfully and with ease.


Here is my final mani. On the index finger I have 2 coats of Prism Drops and on the pinky I have 2 coats of Moonbow. On the middle and ring finger I have an attempt at a flower petal watermarble over a coat of Whitewater. I plan on wearing this mani for a day or 2 so I do also have a base and top coat.



Magic Garden XL Stamping Plate, XL plate holder
and clear stamper from DRK


*Magic Garden XL Stamping Plate -Designed by Gabriela Pouchain and is sinfully gorgeous. It is oacked with endless designs and possibilities. This plate measures at 21 x 17 cm (8.26 x 6.69 inches) and is complete with a white plastic protector in the back.

*XL Stamping Plate Case – I have many XL plates so this case had been on my list for awhile. It perfectly fits all my DRK plates and a few other plates including GoGoOnly plates. It holds up to 8 plates so I may be ordering another one but it did have a  few minor imperfections on the first few sheets of staining from the pink dye, but I didn’t mind at all. Sleeves fit all plate sizes up to 8.43 x 6.81 in (21.4 x 17.3 cm) 

*DRK Clear Jelly Stamper With Lid + Scraper Clear Jelly Silicone – I love the lid that the stamper came with because it protects the fragile silicone stamping head while storing it away. The stamper head measures 2.7 cm in diameter and picks up without issue.

*Super Jelly Stamper with Clear Body – This one also came with a lid but I ordered this one because of the large stamping head size, 4.2 cm in diameter. It fits snuggly in my hand and picks up larger images with ease.

And finally

Ultraviolet Galaxy
by Glam Polish (GPF Exclusive)

(Please note you must be a member of the FB Fan Group to get the discount code to reduce the listed cost of $120 to $12)

Ultraviolet Galaxy is described as a galaxy themed indigo scatted holo jelly with shimmering glass flecks, color shifting and iridescent flakies. I knew as soon as I saw swatches of this one that I needed it…even though I tried to talk myself out of it. This is the 2nd Fan Group Exclusive shade for 2016.

What goodies did you get this month and what’s on your list for September?


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