Special Edition Interview: Robin Moses

(Shouting) “I interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a special announcement!!!” Originally, I was going to post about some of the nail mail I received this month but instead I have an extra treat. I have none other than the world-renowned, extraordinarily talented… ROBIN MOSES!!!

I’m such a fan of Robin and her work ever since someone introduced me to her YouTube channel 2 years ago. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (her upload days) I tune in for uninterrupted #robintime…even hubby and the kids know not to bother me😂. I watch the new video(s) and catch up on the older ones. I love the tutorials but more than that, I love keeping up with Compassionista, Evil Client, Nameless and Juicy just to name a few. All the laughs and good times and I feel like I’m right there hanging out with friends.

 “Hello Everyone, I would like to thank Krystal for giving me an opportunity to do an interview! I haven’t done one in a while and so I hope I can give you something fun to read that you didn’t already know! My love and respect to everyone in our community who is sharing, practicing and finding joy in nail art, I am honored and very excited….so, let’s get started!”

Robin Moses

pimp robin

Q: Age:
A: I am old, but still feel like a noob at life of the time. 

Q: Location:
A: I started my nail art career in Vegas, where I was born. I moved to the Oregon coast and started my salon to give my kids a calmer and more stable life. Vegas life as a child is insanity.

Q: Kids? If so, how many?
A: I have 2 children. A girl and a boy. I must also say that I have a handful of adopted children who have called my casa their home. 

Q: Pets? If so, types and how many?
A: I have 4 dogs. I just got two new puppies. They are on my Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t have any uploaded to this computer at the time. 😀 Their names are Lilly, Sigmund, Carl and Nikola.


robin at work

Q: Tea or Coffee?
A: COFFEE!!!!!! (fun fact) My client, Mammy is my barista. She has a shoppe and I get a coffee from her every morning. quad iced latte with almond milk only. (scary) LOL 

Q: Beach or Mountains?
A: I am lucky enough to live in both. I live in Oregon and on the coast so I am right on the beach and also in the mountains. When I first moved here, my goal was to live ON the ocean or in a tree house in the woods. I tried both and realized it is extremely hard to do either. The wind here is super cold and it takes forever to cook on a wood burning stove.

Q: Jeans or Dress?
A: Doesn’t matter, just have to be comfortable!!!

Q: Best gift received?
A: I find it very hard to receive gifts. I don’t know why. But when I was young, a doll I had was lost in a fire and one of my viewers and I were talking about it. She had one and sent it to me. I have it locked away in my art room and I am going to make it into a piece of art someday. Just thinking about it makes me happy because I didn’t have a lot of stuff growing up. It was a very strange coincidence and also the most amazingly magical experience. 

Q: Favorite pastime (besides nails)?
A: I love to walk. MOVIES!!!!! I love to listen to music and find new music and listen to lyrics. I love playing with my dogs and I am experimenting with cooking now. I just bought a mixer that grinds things. So I want to learn to make vegetarian burgers and weird stuff like that. I’m not a vegetarian but wish to be someday! I love reading. I used to read so much more, but since YouTube, it has dropped off. Reading is truly an escape for me. It is something that has sustained my art and imagination for my entire life.

Q: Favorite Food?
A: For those who don’t know, I have lost over 210lbs. and kept it off for ten years by walking and eating somewhat healthy, but mostly through walking every. single. day. My favorite food right now that is healthy is greens cooked with garlic and hot sauce. My guilty pleasure favorite food………anything ice cream with a core in it. haha! (shout out to fellow core addicts)

Q: Favorite Movie?
A: I need to name more than one. Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowski is up there, Amelie, Friday, New Jack City, straight out of Compton (huge F. Gary Gray fan), The Princess Bride, The Godfather II, Goodfellas, Any movie you have seen me do on nails also. horror, horror, horror, I love horror films from the 80’s and Japanese Horror, Strange and eclectic films like “upsteam color” things like that….I will not paint a movie theme on nails I do not like (at least the idea of) myself. I have to like the premise.

Q: Favorite Season?
A: Autumn. Hands Down. layerssss baby!!!!!

Q: What cartoon character best represents you?
A: Emily Prime (world of tomorrow)


Q: Night on the town with friends or evening alone at home?
A: I am a hermit. I don’t go out hardly at all. It is something my friends beg me to do more and something I wish I could do more myself, but I get overwhelmed. I need to be in very quiet surroundings a lot of the time. I can go out for the night but after, I have to stay home and just be still and silent. I put in earplugs or music and get centered again. I love my friends and going out and it’s a fear I hope to conquer better in my life and the reason you guys don’t see me out much compared to other gurus.

Q: If you were an animal, what would it be and why?
A: A raccoon. I love shiny things and I am catlike, but not quite a cat….I like the night time. I am fiercely protective of anything I love and my friends don’t see me a lot but when they do, they always smile. I have my art room and in it, I have collected tons of things for my paintings…..Its like, I am always on a mission to find things and build from them…PLUS, raccoons get great masks. *wink*

Q: What or who got you started doing nails?
A: I was on a bad path. A dark path. I had no help. I had no one. I was born poor. I was unhealthy. And, by accident I went to tour a nail school with a friend. I saw a woman in the corner painting a nail with a toothpick. A dot daisy. Nail art hadn’t been invented yet outside of taping nails with the metal tapes you see now except they didn’t have the sticky backs they do now! hhahahah I thought to myself “i can do that!” and I joined. I was kicked out 3x and graduated. When I did, all of my instructors applauded. I think they were happy to see me go but also proud that I accomplished graduating! I couldn’t stand them at the time, but looking back………they were truly awesome women.

Q: How many polishes are in your collection? 
A: I give away tons of polishes to organizations that help sick children or who help children in general so the number changes but I would say about 800? It gets up there! hahahahahahahaha

robin polish

Q: What tips or advice would you give an aspiring nail tech/artist?
A: Being real, I would say this. It is hard. It is fiercely competitive in our industry. Be strong. Know your passion and get great at it. If its pedicures, be the best at them. If its natural manis with vegan polish, do YOUR THANG….everyone has enough clients waiting to find you if you are good at what you do. So many techs are late, have drama, have problems they bring to the shop…THEY DON’T LAST……I would love to see more shout outs made to a nail artist just like they do for music artists —to give women who are doing the WORK proper credit….i hope new techs do this, it will save our industry………..I have seen girls fist fight each other over a “stolen” client and/or designs WITHIN a shop, im not talking globally! It should be about joy you create for yourself and your life. A negative stigma is attached to “perfection” in our job as a nail tech…..so, while crappy overpriced trends are thrown at us and then thrown away—we also do that to each other and no one wins long term…..MOST of us will become a fad if we don’t come together and BE that place women want to escape to……….. To new techs, I say….go to work, be on time, listen, do YOUR best and work on YOUR clientele and have them spread the word about you…..make them feel special for that hour or 2…..or 6 if you are new LOL….it doesnt matter, it is about the experience and if you want it, there is a huge, huge market of people looking to find good techs. 

Q: With all the craze around stamping, why have you continued to handpaint your nail art?
A: Because before stamping there was ______and before ______ there was crackle paint and before crackle paint there was ________ and before that there was that….and you said it….”craze”….I KNOW what makes me money to pay my bills and having everyone’s nails exactly the same does NOT pay my bills!!!!! LETS KEEP THAT REAL….. My clients drive 4 hours each way, fly, fly me out to them and have done so for many years ….JUST to have “specialty” nails…….To have that design everyone grabs and when they say its hand painted, men go WHOA THAT IS AWESOME…women get jealous and go silent…..and walk away!!! hahahahh……I have seen it! I don’t pay attention to ‘crazes’ too much…..I do what I do and I do it the best I can and I stay in my own lane. My lane is FUN……..my lane is full of surprises, problem solving and laughter. I think of stamping and I think of making license plates……..which some days, I would love to do. I am in no way putting down stamping. I know some are so lovely, but………That is the true reason why I hand paint…I love it, it loves me and its REAL. it’s imperfectly perfect. its modern art on human flesh…its badass.

Q: Who gave your clients their awesome aliases?
A: We did together. Evil client; because she is the nicest person I know. Mammy because her grandkids call her that, Juicy because that is truly who she is through and through LOL, etc. It was to protect them in case anyone watched my videos at first. Now, they don’t care so much. 😀

Q: If you weren’t the wonderfully, talented Robin Moses Nail Artist Extraordinaire, what would you do?
A: As some of you know my daughter is going to be a doctor and that is a true testimony of what Nail Art CAN do for your life…..It makes me tear up to say that because she had opportunities I didn’t because of all of the filing I have done!……If I had been born in a better circumstance, I would have become a plastic surgeon. That was my dream. Particularly for children who were born with facial deformities or were in accidents; focusing on facial reconstruction surgeries. I also see myself teaching art to women in prison who are serving life sentences for either violent crime and/or who are mentally ill. My mother was mentally ill and I have spent lots of time teaching in my life….I need more time to get a full answer on this question but I also see myself teaching and studying in India. 

Q: Besides 2 Chainz and Snoop, who else’s nails would you like to do if you had a chance?
A: Tori Amos, Ilanya Vanzant, Oprah, Serena and Venus Williams, Michelle Obama, DMX, chuck palanuik, rihanna, im feelin’ amber rose lately, id like to do her nails, oh man….toooooo many to name!!! It is my goal to do as many people’s nails that I love as I can in my lifetime.

Q: Do you ever find time to do your own nails?
A: Nope. never. I have no interest in wearing nails or doing my own. I DO do my own pedicures and my toes are ON POINT 24/7 365. hahahahhaah i am SERIOUS about that.

Q: If your client doesn’t have any special requests, where do you find inspiration for the nail art?
A: When you walk in nature….or in a neighborhood….and you are calm and your mind is still……..you can feel the colors and the trends in the air. in the windows, in the magazines, in the season……….its everywhere. the colors of polish at rite aid, the color of lipsticks on the models…you FEEL it…then, you just let it cook in your mind…….i have a book I keep with me in my pocket at all times….you asked above: jeans or dress: EITHER if they have a pocket!! haha….AND I DRAW….it makes no sense to anyone but me, but it does…its a feeling. i will write a color. I mix that color….I mix and I mix…………..my goal is to have a line of colors unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen…..just you wait Krystal, I believe I can do this!!!! I havent had many opportunities because I don’t “play the game” but I know MY opportunities will come with time. I will do as much good with them as I can to help as many as I can.

halo robin
Q: Do you have a favorite nail art design or playlist that you’ve done to date?
A: HERE is a fun fact. NO. I don’t have a favorite (im getting choked up)…………I call all my designs:”girls”….some girls i LOVE…some I like….some I don’t like and everyone else does and i dont understand so i paint her anyway………..but I have “mother” designs and “grandmother” designs that I have been doing for 27 years. To me, they are the bread and butter of my children’s lives…I thank them like they are real people….like “blood splatters, or drip nails” that everyone copied and didn’t give me credit for, that was a grandmother design….I have had her near me my entire adult life and remember the day I thought of her over 25 years ago…………..to see her out there (even though i didn’t get credit for starting it) is like seeing my grandma everywhere and she is alive and she is so beautiful…..to me, it is like she got famous and got her dream life!!!!! …..and to me, that is so beautiful……i dont care about ‘credit’ but it would have been so nice to get it………..you know? but i just see some of my beginner nail designs that are the TRUE beginnings of nail art as you guys know it, and i know where it came from and what i was thinking when i made it….to me, that is a huge gift…..maybe its a bigger, special and personal gift than that doll im saving? it’s an abstract gift. 

Q: Other than OPIs Put It In Neutral, do you have any polishes that you use more often than others?
A: I don’t prefer put it in neutral, just to be honest….Its just best ‘right now’………my favorite bitches (my polishes that are ride or die) are Wet n’ Wild black and white….and Wet n’ Wild topcoat as a thinner for when polish gets thick or if I have to mix a special polish color. I have others that are discontinued that i use off camera that I bought in bulk when they discontinued

In closing, I hope you have enjoyed this time with Robin Moses and you are inspired to start or continue in YOUR nail journey. Whether you are a novice or professional, keep striving toward greatness to be the best YOU! If you’re a fan of Robin, be sure to let me know in the comments your favorite design or client and why.

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