Swatch & Review: Crème Allure – Part 1

PRESS SAMPLE NOTICE***Press (PR) Samples. This post contains polishes that were sent to me from the company/brand in exchange for an honest review,. All opinions stated are my own. For additional info regarding PR samples, click here ***

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in today and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am on vacation this week but fear not, I have posts lined up on the schedule as normal. Before I get into the S&R, let’s do a little pulse check. Are you all liking the new time? I hope so 🙂 My hope is to get those early birds like myself while they are drinking their morning coffee so I changed posting time to 9am instead of 10am (EST). 

I am bringing you another new brand, Crème Allure Cosmetics. I was sent 9 of their 11 current polishes but will be breaking up the review into 2 separate posts. Today, I will be showing you 4 of the 9 polishes and will finish up Part 2 this Friday 8/19 @9am EST.

May 25, 2016, Vernita Goodson started her Virginia based line to encourage all ethnicities to embrace natural tones of color. Crème Allure Cosmetics is a vegan inspired, 5 free nail lacquer company which ships free anywhere in the U.S. We have a lot to get through, even a special treat at the end, so let’s jump in…..

***Swatches are done with 2 coats of polish and base in artificial lighting. No top coat ***


Crème Salt is a deep, rich slate blue



Crème Stickly is a vibrant mauve/iris shade of purple


Crème Cotta is a bright pumpkin orange


Crème Iyana is a bold magenta

 ***Extra Special Treat***

As I’m sure you guessed, these polishes are all crèmes. The formula is perfect and goes on soooo well, like your favorite pair of jeans. Because I am just a creature of habit, I applied 2 coats, but these polishes are perfectly opaque in 1. The consistency of these polishes are smooth and not too thick. They are super easy to work with and require no effort at all.

In a world of jellies, crellies, flakies, shimmer etc, crèmes can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked. So I wanted to take this review a step further and attempt to watermarble and stamp with these polishes and behold…these polishes are the ultimate trifecta! They are gorgeous crème with an excellent formula, they marble easily, literally the polished rolled off the brush and stamp well over both black and white showing they are very pigmented.

Overall, I think these crème are worth the investment and would fair well with all skin tones. I also, believe that crèmes are like a perfectly fitting LBD (little black dress), you should definitely have them in your collection because they are gorgeous alone or paired with a gorgeous red heel…in the case of polish, you could always dress up with some nail art. Simply put crèmes are staple pieces and with a $7.60 price tag, these polishes fit easily into any budget. I am excited to see what Crème Allure Cosmetics produces next. Again, don’t forget to come back Friday for Part 2.

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